Erika Bouvier

Erika Bouvier was born in a small village in early victorian France during mid 1800's. She was the youngest daughter of a large and wealthy land-owner family. During her early 20's in Paris as an actress in a Cabare she had an affair with an annonymous man that delt in black maggic. Under his influence she became involved in witchcraft and rendered herself immortal. She later after a secret breakup aquirred ownership of the small cabare and turned it into a huge success. In 1916 Erika married a sergent in US army she met at cabare she performed and had become owner of. However after he husband was traggicly killed during World War I she moved across the Atlantic to America in 1922 and became one of the orrignal flapper-girls. Frequently during this period she traveled back and forth from Europe to the States. Durring the beginning of World War II she performed for the USO, supporting the Allied forces, it was during this period that Erika met Victoria Dracul and became fabulous friends on one of her many european excusions, this one actually being a spy mission into nazi infested central europe to sabotage railway lines confescated by the germans. After WWII, she returned to the USA and resided in a small town in Central Pennsylvania where she met another of her close dear friends, Davina. The two starlets took Broadway undersiege performing in numerous successful productions until a heated and bitter dispute with Rogers and Hammerstien came about and tired of the "Drama in Drama", she returned to Pennsylvania with Davina, starring together is small independant productions and pagents. It was Erika who later would convince Victoria Dracul to end her early retirement after her divorce and return to the stage. At the beginning of 2001 Erika moved to central coastal Florida and won the title Miss Melbourne Beach 2001. Today she continues to oversee the management of her Parisian Cabare overseas, along with selling her own line of jewlry on a cable network shopping channel, and she also continues to perform and make guest appearances regularly and keep her close ties to her friends all over the globe.