Ariel De La Mer

(aka Ariel Triton)
Her name means "Of The Sea", for that she certainly is! Ariel was tragically conceived when her (mermaid) mother was netted by a Russian submarine full of SEMEN, and brutally raped. Then her mother, being emotionally scarred by the experience, sold young Ariel into sexual slavery to the infamous French Foreign Legion. Where she gained her training as a premier concubine. And when they grew tired of her, they shipped her of the Americas. Where she was put into a convent, hidden in the mountains of PA. There she endured brutal punishment for her lascivious behavior. At the hands of the Sisters of The Perpetual Erection. Under the tutelage of Head mistress, Sister Mary Orgasma. Ariel turned all of her sexual energy into performing at local night clubs, such as The Rainbow Inn where she held the title of "Miss Rainbow Inn 2000". And other clubs in Central PA to raise funds for the Sisters of the Perpetual Erection. Where she still resides today, hidden away under the name of Sister Mary Fellatio. There she works diligently to learn all she can from her mentor and adopted mother Desiree Von Dyke (a de frocked nun). Ariel also holds the titles of "Sunbury Illusion 2001" and "Miss Gay Susquahanna Valley 2001" And will be competeing for the title of "Miss Gay PA 2001"