Adora Velour

Adora Velour was born in the early 80's to a military family. It was quite the dissapointment when she told her family that she would rather wear sequins then stars. Adora has lived around the world, and in turn has met many new people. Her first time on the spotlight was a performance on the shortlived 'Starsearch' where she was beaten by a girl spinning a damn batton. When Adora finally realized who she was, she started out her career by singing and doing standup at 'Rascals' and 'Sneakers' in Jamestown, NY. Her titles include 'Miss Snakeriver Valley 99' (an Idaho title), and 'Miss Ada County' (also an Idaho title), among many other smaller ones. She has performed under Adora, Brittney Sphears, and Marina Manson.