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The Wall

A secret fantasy,
a wanton desire,
an unspoken wish,
for uncontrollable fire.

The wall is here,
the perfect surface,
a vertical platform,
to hold and support us.

It can't be stopped
this instant need,
must happen now,
it's sexual greed.

Take me here
eye to eye
make me gasp,
make me sigh.

The wall hard , behind my back,
your hands, support my thighs,
let the heated air around us,
hear and absorb our cries.

Take me here,
chest to breast,
upon the wall,
with no softness.

The heat is intense,
as the grind begins,
fire meeting fire,
in mans oldest sin.

Sobs of need,
escape my lips,
faster, deeper,
ohh god baby,I need this!

Wild with desire,
moans flow from our lips,
both feelin shivers,
run over our skin.

My ankles lockin round
your drivin hips
lips sliding, tasting the
hot skin beneath my fingertips.

Your thrusts drivin deep,
backs arch,sweat drips,
grindin hard,breath gaspin,
ecstacy, right at our fingertips.

Our bodies joined,
deep as can be,
in the way they were
always meant to be.

My name you moan,
you're ready for me,
feel your hips buck,
and I feel your seed.

Screamin, I feel
hot wetness flowin,
within my thighs,
sobbin, cryin, moanin sighs.

Lips blending,
bodies twined as one,
as we reach that place,
above the sun.

The wall,behind me
hard, still stands,
the walls of need,
are crumbled, like sand.

By:Calm_before_a_storm 8/25/01
F.D. Cook