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Mansion of the Moon

Ok, this is my little corner of this vast and strange place called the internet. The fact that it is mine means I don't care a single bit about what anyone else thinks about it, I will write whatever I want. Be it choherent or utter nonsense.

About Me


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Me ranting about music (scary)

Manga and Anime
Me ranting about manga and anime (even scarier ^_^).

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A really good Quote:
"Your style is your self and it can not be manufactured."
Hilda van Stockton (In: The Artist)

Things I like right now.

1. Sleeping late wrapped in my duvet.
2. Lareine
3. Ai no Kusabi
4. The GTO mangas
5. Satsumas
6. The smell of oil paint and turpentine
7. One Piece
8. Chocolate
9. Utena
10. Candlelight