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21 April 2012
100 people - #26: Paige
Now Playing: melanie c - never be the same again
Topic: 100 people


I met Paige for the first time at the Home of the Viking; at one of Erik & Francesca's Sunday afternoon backyard barbeques.

I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I'm a bit judgmental. Specifically, when I meet a really pretty girl, I sometimes assume they will know exactly how pretty they are, and be full of themselves and arrogant, and vacuous and have no sense of humour.

Within minutes Paige made me ashamed for thinking that, as she is a perfect example of why that mode of thinking is stupid.

Paige sometimes seems completely oblivious of how attractive she may be to those around her, and is the first to make fun of herself. A perfect example of this I saw a mere few days after meeting her, where she was filmed eating noodles in a very ridiculous manner. Where many of us would be worried about looking silly and / or unattractive, she really didn't mind and was just enjoying herself with friends.

This may have something to do with the fact she is an actor, but for the most part, to me, this is just because she is Paige.

We became quite good friends during my brief sojourn in Brisbane, and caught up on many occasions for drinks and shennanigans; and I was lucky enough to be commissioned to take some portraits of her (of which this was one, as we hid behind the verandah wall in fear of being told to leave, as we were trespassing).

Our day spent together wandering around an abandoned hospital building in Brisbane, around the botanical gardens and such, was very enjoyable; and I have to admit I felt more than a little disappointed I would be leaving the country so soon after and would not have the chance to photograph her again for quite a while.

Far from the delicate flower she may often seem, Paige was more than happy to shimmy up the nearest tree, barefoot, for a photo. Which, for a photographer like me, is excellent (even if I hate heights so much I'd not do the same!)

Heartbreakingly, her flat in Auchenflower was about 3/4 submerged by the floods in Brisbane a little over a week after our shoot. Her life was turned upside down and inside out for a while, and even now I can't really comprehend how this would have felt for her.

But no matter what she goes through, Paige seems to just keep coming back stronger. Learning from her experiences, learning from her friends, and moving forward all the time.

Amongst other wonderful people I met in Brisbane during my time there, I am looking forward to catching up with Paige when I next visit.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 21:00 BST
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13 November 2011
100 people - #25: Kyle
Topic: 100 people


One Friday night in September last year, my then housemate, Nicole Jensen, caught up with a friend who was visiting Brisbane for his brother's wedding the next day. They had met in a pub nearby, and decided to adjourn back to our house for more beers.

I was home editing photos and indulging in some ciders, and Nikki knocked on my bedroom door to invite me to come out and join them, as Kyle had been admiring the print of truth lies beyond hanging over the couch in our lounge room.

We ended up spending most of the remainder of the night talking art, photography, ambitions, travel, etc.

We then stayed in contact through Twitter, and met again about a month later when Kyle boarded with us for a week to do a course in Brisbane. We hung out much of the week watching Terriers, drinking cider and beer respectively, and going to the gym. On his second last morning in town, as we caught the bus together toward the city, he asked me if I wanted to catch up for dinner that night.

Having asked if Nikki was coming with us to dinner, I surmised from his answer in the negative, that he was asking me on a date; though, in case I was unsure, he confirmed my suspicions when he met me outside the gym, giving me the option to decline at that point.

Given that, were we not to go to dinner, we would just end up going back to the house and chilling on the couch watching more Terriers and hanging out together, I figured I got a good deal either way. However, I did chuckle and ask "You know I'm leaving the country, right...?"

Suffice to say, the date went well, and knowing we had only a short time together before I left for London, Kyle came down once more from Winton on Boxing Day and we spent an intense, indulgent and utterly wonderful two weeks together.

On New Year's Day I photographed him, from which this portrait is taken.

Despite my initial reluctance to undertake a long distance relationship, ten months later here we are (though officially we've just passed our eleventh month anniversary, agreeing in retrospect that first date marked the beginning of our relationship; and we won't mention that 2.5 hour break-up...)

We video chat almost every day on Skype, for hours at a time, to the point where it's almost like we live together, despite the vast distance between us. Thankfully he's a morning person and I'm a night owl, so our mornings and evenings overlap. Through the various ups and downs we've both had over the past year, we manage to keep each other going and make each other smile (though admittedly he's usually the one who has the more difficult job with this, as the past few months life has been getting me down a bit), and his encouragement and his own achievements with his weight have definitely been an inspiration in my weight loss.

This weekend he has made the move from Winton to commence a new job in Mackay. A job with more opportunities and that will give him more experience relevant to the IT degree he is currently undertaking.

All going to plan, he will visit in February for a few weeks, and I can't wait to see him in all of his high resolution, non-pixelated goodness. It will also give me a chance to take updated portraits of him as, like me, he has lost more weight and toned up more since January.

Maybe he'll also capture me in illustration, as he is a talented artist himself, though not practicing.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 09:32 GMT
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23 October 2011
100 people - #24: Steven
Now Playing: sonny rollins - long ago and far away
Topic: 100 people


I'm not sure how Steven came across me, but I think he came to my attention either just before or just after I moved to Brisbane, and he has a lot to answer for I have a lot to thank him for.

I recall first coming across Steve on Twitter, and though I was initially skeptical about falling into share housing in Brisbane, let alone sharing with a couple, he suggested I contact Nicole Jensen about a room available in her home, and also introduced me to BTUB, aka Brisbane Twitter Underground Brigade, a gathering of Twitter users from Brisbane and surrounds on the first Friday of each month at Greystone Bar in the Southbank area of Brisbane. These two things led to me feeling a much stronger sense of belonging in Brisbane in the relatively short period I was there, than I ever expected possible.

Steve and I have a common interest in photography and lecherous observations about women. But mainly the photography.

Steve is a gentle giant. You can't tell from this portrait I took of him at the Abbey Medieval Festival in 2010, but he is actually very tall; from memory, about 6'3". He occasionally takes extremely creepy self-portraits, but really, he is a big softy at heart.

He works in a museum, is completing a degree in Creative Industries at QUT, and has been heavily involved in the volunteer photography side of both the Abbey Medieval Festival and the Caloundra Music Festival.

He's also a cider drinker, so you can see why we get along.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 20:15 BST
Updated: 24 October 2011 23:02 BST
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20 September 2011
100 people - #23: Mel
Now Playing: lou rhodes - this love
Topic: 100 people


As is often the case, I don't remember the exact particulars of virtually meeting Mel Brackstone and first coming across her work, but as we mixed in the same RedBubble circles, it was inevitable that we would meet.

Her photography initially centred around landscapes (particularly seascapes), but over the years has expanded to incorporate humans and the human body, both those of her friends and models, and herself.

When I moved to Brisbane we organised to meet one day: myself, Mel, Kelly and one of Kelly's friends. After an early morning wander with Kelly around Redland Bay, the day was primarily spent sifting through op shops in Carindale, then lunch; after which myself and Mel adjourned to an abandoned property soon expected to be demolished near Eight Mile Plains, where I took le moribund, and Mel had previously taken this portrait.

On another occasion Mel and I met to shoot in her mother's house, which was being put on the market for sale, where I took this portrait of her with a Lensbaby Mel let me try out on my D50.

In all my dealings with Mel, I've found her to be extremely generous with her knowledge and happy to help others, and as equally voracious in her enthusiasm to learn more. She's always keen to learn how a new technique, a new piece of equipment, a new processing trick will help her achieve what she is after conceptually.

I always enjoy seeing what new avenue her work has taken, though I may now spend a lot less time around The Bubble than I have in times past.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 23:34 BST
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19 September 2011
100 people - #22: Aaron
Topic: 100 people


Where Catherine is a whirlwind of thoughts, words, movement, her boyfriend Aaron is often the quiet observer sitting by listening to what is being said, and occasionally interjecting.

From time to time he will take control of the conversation and speak animatedly about a particular subject or situation, but most of the time he's just content to be.

He and Catherine were both heavily involved in building the large kit home on Aaron's family's property in Wombeyan Caves, that overlooks an amazing view over an area at the base of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

He was keen to show us around the property - the site of the old home, the waterfalls, and the edge of the property overhanging the valley. I was not so keen on the latter two, involving extreme heights, so settled for the first.

I snapped Aaron contemplating the view whilst we relaxed with a few drinks one afternoon after some exploring.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 14:54 BST
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18 September 2011
100 people - #21: Catherine
Now Playing: r.e.m. - be mine
Topic: 100 people


I met Catherine in year 10 when I moved to Stawell and started at the local high school. We hit it off pretty much straight away.

She was pretty, intelligent, articulate, a talented illustrator and photographer, very into music and a very good friend. Over the years, very little has changed.

Despite our respective movements around Australia (both of us) and the UK (me), and the odd loss of contact here and there, we have managed to keep our friendship alive.

We were always willing subjects for each others' various assignments; I acted in her TAFE black & white 16mm film (which I wish I had been able to see!); she let me drape her in chains and seaweed (on separate occasions).

We have both been supportive and encouraging of each others' art, whether it be visual or literary.

During my road trip with Philip Ivens through the eastern states of Australia, we were lucky enough to arrange to meet Catherine and her partner, Aaron, to spend a long Easter weekend on Aaron's family's property, Shady Rest, in Wombeyan Caves at the base of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

The time spent there was a great opportunity for me to catch up with Catherine and Aaron, but also turned out to be a very inspiring one, with the old home site at my disposal to shoot self-portraits and other photographs amongst what was left of the previous home. I felt very spoilt.

During my time there, I only managed to snap a few shots of Catherine. She is animated to the point that finding a moment of calm in her is often impossible. Her mind and her body move at a rate of knots most of the time.

And though usually I would avoid shots like these; shots where someone is playing up to the camera, and specifically dropping into a defensive stance - the single finger salute taking centre stage - I think this actually sums up Catherine quite well in some respects.

She is done with the niceties of life. She doesn't really care too much what you think about her and how she lives her life. She's all about being in the moment and living her life the way she wants to. And she does.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 23:19 BST
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21 August 2011
100 people - #20: Becky
Now Playing: johnny cash - i walk the line
Topic: 100 people

becky daniels #295

I met Becky through Phil. They had worked together (they are both social workers by day) in the UK, and as she was temporarily living in Melbourne, she was kind enough to offer us a place to stay with herself, Alex and Vicky, and accompanied us on the first few days of our road trip up the east coast of Australia.

As she was unable to take much leave at the time, we stayed close to Melbourne to ensure Becky was able to get back to Melbourne at the end of the first weekend of our travels, but as I knew there were so many places worth visiting within day-trip-distance from Melbourne, I was more than okay with this.

Becky is originally from England, but feels a sense of belonging in India and, like myself, generally enjoys traveling extensively. Most of her travel seems to entail immersing herself in the various cultures, contributing to the communities she visits (whether through social work roles, or language teaching), and she is quite spiritual.

Much of the time whilst Phil and I were gallivanting around taking photographs, Becky was just as happy to be chilling out in a quiet nook of wherever we were wandering through, or remaining at our caravan or cabin, in order to write.

She is equal parts introspective and contemplative, and outgoing and up for anything.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 15:41 BST
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10 July 2011
100 people - #19: Peter
Now Playing: my hyde & the jeckyls - you may have horses in your eyes, but you're no fuckin' cowboy
Topic: 100 people

peter hyde

I can't remember the specifics, but Pete and I met back in early July 1978. I was about 14 months old; he was fresh from my mother's womb and had a hole in his heart.

I'm sure we got on fine initially, though our friendship has been a bit up and down over the years. You know, the usual sibling competition and quarreling. I remember lots of horse bites and duck bites, and fights for the television remote, and pinning each other to the floor (usually these things were related).

I remember Pete knocking on my door with eerie regularity almost every afternoon when I was in primary school and early high school, asking what I was doing, to which I usually responded "Homework!" and closed the door on him. At the time I found it irritating and responded accordingly. Later I realised it was just that he wanted to hang out. I guess I found this kind of foreign as I was used to doing so many things alone: reading, writing, playing piano, etc.

Back then he always seemed to get away with everything, being the youngest and all. For example, if he didn't clean his bedroom, even after being grounded and flaunting that punishment, Mum would do it. He was always cuddling up to Mum and won her over with his affection.

These days he's a bit of an enigma to all of our family. He goes off and does awesome things, and then we find out afterward when he decides to let us in on what he's been up to: his record label, his bands, his travels (where I am drawn to the UK, he is drawn to the US, and he seems to spend about 3 months there most years).

He's been in numerous bands over the years: H*A*W* (depending on who you talked to, this was an acronym for Hippies Against Whaling, Hairy Axe Wound, etc., etc); Mr Hyde & The Jeckyls, Whitehorse, Occult Blood and Collapsed Toilet Vietnam. He also posts photographs to Never Nothing.

About the only thing he doesn't seem to do these days (which I miss) is paint or draw. He has the painting and drawing skills that I've never had, and jealously wish he'd use more.

Where Rob used to introduce me to his friends as "my little sister", Pete would tower over me and introduce me as his "big sister". Still most people who meet all three of us together don't believe we are siblings.

Though all of us Hyde kids have reddish hair in some lights (whether head or beard hair), Pete has killer genetics when it comes to facial hair and for years has chopped and changed between styles. He would grow a full beard (often down to mid-chest length), then trim to a goatee, or a 'chin curtain' (what I refer to as a 'reverend beard'), mutton chops, or what Pete affectionately terms a "wife-swapper" (somewhere between a trucker moustache and a porn star moustache, in my estimation).

The night I took this photo, the night before I left Melbourne on my road trip with Phil Ivens, he and the lass in the background of this portrait were playing distortion pedals in the open mike night at Bar Open's Make It Up Club, on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

Last week he turned 33.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 22:53 BST
Updated: 10 July 2011 23:02 BST
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4 July 2011
100 people - #18: Philip
Now Playing: black box recorder - start as you mean to go on
Topic: 100 people


Philip and I met in London in early 2001 when we both wound up working for the same company: a small photographic library which used to produce and manage product and lifestyle photography for Sony, Motorola and Argos.

Over mountains of invoices, we realised we had similar taste in music and films, and we both have a keen interest in photography.

Luckily for Phil (though, arguably, not at the time), he was only at the company on a temporary basis, and returned to Warwick after a few months; but we kept in touch on and off whilst I continued to work there until I left to return to Australia.

After I left the UK, we lost contact somewhat, but then came back in contact around late 2003 when Phil found me on Myspace.

Since then we've stayed in regular contact, our main topic of conversations remaining the same: photography, art, film, music, travel. We have quite different styles and preferences in regard to photography (Phil likes his verticals vertical and his contrast low; I have no quarrel with converging lines, and (mostly) like my contrast high); and drinking (he doesn't; I do); and sugar (he doesn't like sugar in anything; I can't drink tea without it), but we seem to get along well enough anyway.

Again, this portrait was taken at the Boiler Room Bar at Abbotsford Convent. I have some other portraits of Phil taking tea with a kookaburra that took a shine to us on our cabin verandah, but I'm not sure I'll get permission to post those!

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 00:42 BST
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3 July 2011
100 people - #17: Vicky
Now Playing: howard jones - look mama
Topic: 100 people


Another of Becky's housemates, this portrait of Vicky was also taken at the Boiler Room Bar, before dinner at Lentil As Anything at the Abbotsford Convent.

I have another image where Vicky is more relaxed and with an open-mouthed smile, and has less of the appearance of an obedient child being told to sit up straight in class, but I chose this one because you can see her bright blue eyes, which really stood out to me.

After taking these snaps as we sat around talking, I took a bunch of shots of the four girls (Becky, Alex, Vicky, and Jess (not included in this project)) together, at their request. They had an easy repartee going on between them, evidence of their long-standing friendships.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 23:23 BST
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