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23 September 2013
so show me
Topic: exhibitions


Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 20:38 BST
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5 July 2010
Now Playing: fever ray - when i grow up
Topic: exhibitions

simulacrum @ obscura #2485

I can't believe how quickly a month has passed!

That's how long it's been since I've had a chance to update my blog, as my second solo show, simulacrum opened at Obscura Gallery in Melbourne on Sunday 13th June, so I was in Melbourne from the evening of the 11th until the afternoon of the 14th to hang the show, attend the opening, and catch up with friends and family.

I returned to Brisbane, and a mere five days later I was moving house into a lovely shared Queenslander with some wonderful folk, Nicole and Brady.

Despite how much I culled in the move from Melbourne to Brisbane, it still took my dad and I two weekends to move everything, though we did a sterling job of it, with some help from my mum, and it didn't involve removalists at all, thankfully.

And as with every move, there's always something that doesn't go quite to plan, and unfortunately, given the timing, that thing was that the internet was not connected at my new place until today :-S

Thus why it's taken me so long to post these photos of my work hanging in the gallery on the opening night, taken by the lovely Gallery Manager, Lisa Glück. You can still view the show until this Thursday, so if you haven't had a chance, please do drop in!

In other news, my current day job contract ends on 27th July, so I've had to add job-hunting to my already busy schedule. Which also includes taking photos at this weekend's Abbey Medieval Festival in Caboolture, which should be fun!

And on a high note, I found out last week that adrift and identity have both been selected as finalists in the Corangamarah Art Prize 2010!

simulacrum @ obscura #2506

simulacrum @ obscura #2483

simulacrum @ obscura #2505

simulacrum @ obscura #2486

simulacrum @ obscura #2487

simulacrum @ obscura #2482

simulacrum @ obscura #2542

simulacrum @ obscura #2512

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 13:42 BST
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1 June 2010
Now Playing: the cure - a letter to elise
Topic: exhibitions


I know what you're thinking: "Why does that slip, and those stumpy legs, look familiar...?"

Because they're mine!

And you can see them in Nick Kind's exhibition, Interference, which opens at Brunswick Street Gallery this Friday 4th June from 6pm, running until June 17.

Go see it! I will when I get down there.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 10:38 BST
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30 May 2010
Now Playing: joanna newsom - the book of right-on
Topic: exhibitions

obscura gallery exhibition

For those in Melbourne, here's all the details you need about my next exhibition,
a selection of my self-portraiture from the past four years.

I will be in Melbourne for the opening, so please drop in and say hi,
and no doubt there will be many drinks to be had afterward.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 11:07 BST
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2 May 2010
long way home
Now Playing: tom waits - long way home
Topic: exhibitions

long way home

I can now announce my next exhibition will be at Obscura Gallery in East St Kilda, opening Sunday 13 June 2010 from 4-6pm, and running for four weeks.

The final selection of images is still to be made, but I expect at least a few of my interior / exterior images will be included.

I hope those of you in Melbourne will be able to come along!

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 13:19 BST
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20 April 2010
off with her head!
Now Playing: the residents - return to sender
Topic: exhibitions

off with her head!

Just dropping in to let you know the Flower Power exhibition is still on at the Artworkers Alliance gallery at the old Paddington Substation in Brisbane until 24th April, and they have an open day from 10am-12pm on the 24th, which I'm planning to attend. They actually changed the opening and closing dates back a week from my original post about it, but as I was on my road trip when they did it, I wasn't able to update the info. So you have one more week (or most thereof) to see my three prints and lots of other floral beauty.

I'm also letting you know I've entered an image into the latest round of the Saatchi Showdown. Feel free to vote.

I have two images in the latest issue of F-Stop Magazine.

And, excitingly, I'm included in the latest issue of the Australian Art Collector Magazine. Though funnily enough, it's not my work; it's an image from a series by Nick Kind that I posed for just before leaving Melbourne. His exhibition of images from the shoot, Interference, will run from 4 - 17 June 2010 at Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne. I had thought until today that I wouldn't be able to make it to Melbourne for the show, but a little birdy told me something that's as yet unconfirmed, so still secret, but I may be back in Melbourne again sooner than expected.

I'm also pretty pleased to be in this particular issue as there is an ad for the new Bill Henson exhibition on the back cover; but even more special, there is a piece on undiscovered artists which includes the fantastic Lauren Olney, whose project graces the front cover. Amusingly, I picked up the magazine and thought, "oh... someone's done a copy of Beautiful Agony...", a website of various anonymous punters showing their pleasure all over their faces as they pleasure themselves. Only to find that Miss Olney is actually the brainchild behind the project and website, which I did a tribute to in my 365 Days project.

You can see new works for Week 7 of the Divine Diptych Project here.

Oh, and lastly, I've been quite pleasantly surprised by all the views on my Facebook page the past few weeks - generally 300-400 views a week lately :o So thank you if you're a fan or have happened by.

Still haven't had a chance to get onto road trip photo editing - this is a shot from last October! - but working on it!

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 14:40 BST
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21 March 2010
flower power
Now Playing: morrissey - interlude
Topic: exhibitions

untitled #164

Now here's a slightly different opening paragraph for me:

If you're in Brisbane you should check out the first Artworkers Alliance members' exhibition, Flower Power, taking place at their new gallery in the old Paddington Substation opening on March 26 and running until 17 April.

I have the above image taken on Lamma Island, i never promised you a rose garden and untitled #6261 included in the show, and it will be the first showing of my work in Brisbane!

Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the opening, as I'll be on a road trip driving from Melbourne back to Brisbane at the time, but can't wait to see the show when I get back.

The address for the Paddington Substation is 150 Enoggera Tce, Paddington.

On a more familiar sounding note, if you're in Melbourne you should check out the Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Prize at The Substation in Newport, which runs until 28th March.

My image charlotte sometimes is included in the prize.

The address for The Substation is 1 Market St, Newport.

Unfortunately at this stage it seems I won't be able to check out the prize as it's only open 10am to 4pm Thursday to Sunday, and I'm likely to be out of the city again from Wednesday afternoon.

Which in itself really isn't too unfortunate, as I'm looking forward to being on the road with Philip and Becky and taking lots and lots of photos, including more self-portraits for my interior / exterior series.

See you on the flipside!

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 07:14 BST
Updated: 21 March 2010 07:33 BST
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3 March 2010
williamstown festival contemporary art prize
Now Playing: the dresden dolls - no, virginia...
Topic: exhibitions


Just a quick one to say "If you're in Melbourne, this opens Thursday 4th March! If you can't make the opening, be sure to get down and check it out when you can".

That is all.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 12:30 GMT
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16 February 2010
away from here
Now Playing: pj harvey - down by the water
Topic: exhibitions

untitled #37

I received a pleasant surprise last night: I've been selected as a finalist in the Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Prize 2010 in Melbourne :D

However, due to some email trickery, I found out about a week after the announcement was made, when I went to the site to see where things were at.

So now I have to rush to print, frame & ship charlotte sometimes. Argh!

In other news, I also have an image in issue #40 of F-Stop Magazine: Away From Here. Go look!

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 12:52 GMT
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26 July 2009
two in a row
Now Playing: ani difranco - revelling
Topic: exhibitions


It's continuing to be a busy, busy time for me!

I did another client portrait shoot this week: an author photo for Lisa Dempster's forthcoming book, Neon Pilgrim; and received my new book in time for the first Melbourne Blurb meet.

I went to see Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire at the NGV last week. I spent four hours absorbing this comprehensive retrospective of his work, bought a catalogue and am thankful that I bought an unlimited entry ticket to the exhibition as I'll definitely be going back to soak it all in more.

I also had the chance to drop in to see Three Fantasies at Obscura Gallery in St Kilda, which was beautiful. Some amazing work from Deborah Hally, Sayraphim Lothian and Tebani Slade.

My lovely friend Claudia Phares seems to be gathering a little collection of my "dead things". I went to her engagement party last night and was proud to see prints of Every Living Creature Dies Alone and Feathered Friend hanging side by side at the top of the stairs on arrival. We both mentioned last night that we must do a collaboration before I leave, so hopefully when she is back from her trips to WA & NT we will come up with something :D

Yesterday Feih and I drove down to Colac to deliver Truth Lies Beyond for exhibition in the Corangamarah Art Prize 2009, wandered around Colac Cemetery taking photos, then dropped into the Otway Estate Winery & Brewery to check out the space where my work will hang as a finalist for the second year in a row. I'm making plans to be able to attend the exhibition this year, and if you're interested and in Victoria, tickets are $20 and include fabulous food, a complimentary glass of wine, music, art and Wine Game. RSVPs are required to be received by Julie Rippon at Colac Area Health by 31 July, so if you need any further information or want to purchase tickets drop me a line and I can pass on more details :D

And as you can see from the invite at the start of this post, the night before that opening, I will have a piece in unsensored09 at the Collingwood Gallery! All details you need to make it to the opening if you live in Melbourne are included above. Hope to see you there!

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 06:53 BST
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