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3 March 2010
williamstown festival contemporary art prize
Now Playing: the dresden dolls - no, virginia...
Topic: exhibitions


Just a quick one to say "If you're in Melbourne, this opens Thursday 4th March! If you can't make the opening, be sure to get down and check it out when you can".

That is all.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 12:30 GMT
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16 February 2010
away from here
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Topic: exhibitions

untitled #37

I received a pleasant surprise last night: I've been selected as a finalist in the Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Prize 2010 in Melbourne :D

However, due to some email trickery, I found out about a week after the announcement was made, when I went to the site to see where things were at.

So now I have to rush to print, frame & ship charlotte sometimes. Argh!

In other news, I also have an image in issue #40 of F-Stop Magazine: Away From Here. Go look!

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 12:52 GMT
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6 February 2010
the bathers
Now Playing: elliott smith - little one

the bathers

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 13:11 GMT
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i never promised you a rose garden
Now Playing: the divine comedy - secret garden
Topic: rosebank, nsw

i never promised you a rose garden

lucky charms

untitled #27

untitled #30

untitled #31

untitled #55

wild straw berries

untitled #21

untitled #21

untitled #38

untitled #40


Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 12:08 GMT
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Now Playing: pink floyd - wish you were here
Topic: rosebank, nsw

untitled #79

untitled #75

untitled #58

untitled #59

untitled #61

untitled #81

untitled #49

untitled #46

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 01:47 GMT
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5 February 2010
until the cows come home
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Topic: rosebank, nsw

until the cows come home

untitled #118

how now, brown cow?

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 23:19 GMT
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a little hoarse
Now Playing: the dirty three - horse stories
Topic: rosebank, nsw

a little hoarse

untitled #21

one is the loneliest number

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 10:14 GMT
Updated: 6 February 2010 01:44 GMT
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23 January 2010
my bag is always packed
Now Playing: patti smith - horses
Topic: self-portraiture

my bag is always packed

Thank you to everyone who voted for my portfolio in the Power of Self competition. After multiple extensions the People's Choice voting is now closed and judging on the major prize will commence next week.

Just before the final deadline I got an email about the extension saying that if you hadn't received a confirmation email, to let them know. I hadn't gotten a confirmation email, but had my PayPal receipt for my entry fee and could see my entry and had people voting on it, so thought everything was fine.

So I had a momentary panic that despite all that, by not getting the confirmation, maybe my entry wouldn't be considered valid, so I replied to let them know.

I got an email back this morning that said "You are all set, and your work looks beautiful!" I'm sure they said that to everyone in my situation; and the competition is being judged by external folk, like Steve Buscemi, not the main folk behind Artists Wanted, but it still made me grin and do a little hand-clap thing to get such a lovely message.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 10:51 GMT
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14 January 2010
summer's lost heart
Now Playing: jarvis cocker's "summer service" on bbc radio 6 from 10/01/2010
Topic: self-portraiture

summer's lost heart

I'm much more interested in the main, non-people's-vote prize of this competition, which, if I were somehow to win, would allow me to travel to New York this year after all, and stay for longer than I'd hoped, but if you feel the urge, it would be lovely if you'd do the clicky-thing and give me as many stars as you feel I deserve for my submission to the Power of Self competition currently being run by Artists Wanted. You can vote once every 24 hours if it takes your fancy. You'll have my thanks for 1 click or 100.

I highly doubt the likelihood I'll win this as there are some absolutely brilliant entries to the competition... and that's just the artists I know...

Meanwhile, the good news is that my credit card is paid up but for money that isn't due until the start of February. I opened a new savings account yesterday to deposit my travel savings into. I have a fixed term contract as a public servant until mid-April (*fights urge to make jokes about "going postal"*... feeling a little Charles Bukowski these days). I've been editing lots of non-self-portraiture images from my backlog of images. And I'm excited about an upcoming road-trip up the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Brisbane with Phil in late March / early April.

Why are you still reading this? Get voting!

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 12:11 GMT
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2 January 2010
trailer park blues
Now Playing: beth orton - trailer park
Topic: rosebank, nsw

trailer park blues

When I was a teenager, and really, even earlier than that, I had a romantic notion about caravans, or trailers as they may be known elsewhere.

Maybe it was from growing up one of three children, though I was always lucky enough to have my own room. Maybe it was because we rented one for a family holiday one year when I was quite young. Maybe it was the romantic notion of nomadic life or transience which alternately lures and repels me to this day. I don't really know.

But from a fairly young age I used to attempt to convince my parents to buy a caravan for me to live in. I wasn't asking to move out, per se. I didn't have a license as I was too young; now I don't have a license and it has nothing to do with age. So it wasn't about trying to get far away from family. It was the concept of having a place of my own. Which, for some reason, was a concept I coveted even back then. Even if that place of my own was to be parked in the driveway of the family house.

There was something about having my own bedroom, kitchen and lounge in one. There was something about folding beds. There was something about diner-style tables and laminate. The usually kitsch-style curtains on the windows, levered windows and the shape of the caravans themselves.

The concept of caravans that had tops that could be raised and lowered fascinated me. The idea of a makeshift verandah created from a canvas awning and evenings spent outside in the heat watching storms. The inconvenience of navigating to a toilet block (or the toilet inside my parents' house) in the dark and rain obviously didn't register in my young mind.

Maybe it was the idea of having a home of my own but the freedom to move that so caught my imagination.

Like my mother, when I don't move house for a few years, I still find myself rearranging the furniture every six months or so.

I guess it's something to do with restlessness.

Either way, no matter how often I mentioned it - coaxed, pleaded - my parents' response was always in the negative. The word "firetrap" was used often. I'm sure "eyesore" featured in there strongly too.

But still every time I see one, I think of how much it looks like home. No matter how decrepit. And possibly even more so if it is decrepit. I realise the impracticality. The heat in summer, the cold in winter, and all the other negatives in between.

But for some reason, the romantic notion still remains.

Posted by Bronwen Hyde at 13:28 GMT
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