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Plays written by the author.

All plays are copyright and cannot be performed without the playwright's (or his representative's)consent.

The Forensic Murder Mystery Series (c) by Bill Breuer is perfect interactive entertainment for your corporate event, club, organizational convention, fundraiser and booster club. Contact us for specific information.
With twenty plays to choose from, these are available in the general Kentuckiana Area, Downeast Maine and Charlotte County, NB, Canada. Some can even be written to match your group's profile!

Some Titles in the "Forensic Murder Mystery Series" 2008:

'The Art of Murder' - 2008
'Who Done The Don In?' (2009)
'The Algonquin Hotel Ghostly Murders' - 2009
'Physician Heal Thyself!' (2008)
'Which Witch is Which?'- 2008
'Murder at the Rossmount' 2008
'Deadly Lawyers'- 2008
'The Newscaster's Mortal Newscast'- 2008
'The Winetaster's Hemlock Vintage' -- 2009
'Going Natural and Green' - 2009
'Spouses, Lovers and Liaisons - Oh My! - 2009
'The Deadly Mint Julep Recipe' - 2010
'The Lethal Aid Society' - 2007 -
'The Ancient Irish Curse' - 2007
'Unnatural Causes'- 2009
'Hypnotically Yours: Back from the Past' 2007
'Dying to be On Stage' - 2009
'Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy' - 2009
'The Secret Santa's Deadly Surprise' - 2010
'Santa's Secret Surprise' - 2010
'O the Shark Has.. Bloody Teeth, Dear!'- 2010 -
'The Wedding Day Widow Murders' - 2010
'The Exorcism Murder' - 2010
'The Ghostchaser's Ghost' - 2010
'The Yo Yo Murders' - 2010
'The Deadliest Gender' - 2010
'Thank you for Flying Mortal Airlines' - 2010
'The Deadly Halloween Game'' - 2010
'Murder in the Orchestra Pit'' - 2010

Bill Breuer

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