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Hi! I am Andy Lee from Singapore. I am a make up artist by profession. As part of my work, I am exposed to beautiful people, clothes and things.  I am involved in the planning with would be brides from make up trials, bridal gown designs and photography. I am also responsible for the beautiful make up work of TV and celebrities. I am also a Consultant to many Cosmetic Brands in Singapore.  

It is very challenging when I try to put these skills into Barbie as each one is crafted truly in the Spirit of One of A Kind.  I do not enjoy having to repeat a creation therefore I procrastinate on doing another similar Barbie.

My interests in Barbie dolls became more intense after my first introduction to the Barbie Convention in 2000. There I saw, understand and became more creative with the many faces and personalities of Barbie.

My dolls are my own expressive creations and interpretations ranging from Pixies, Fairies, Mermaid as   well as Screen, Mythical and Famous Oriental personalities taken from history books, novels, story books, magazines, Chinese Operas and the big screen.  

I am continually amazed at the dedication each one of you Barbie Collector, Creator and Fan. Your sportsmanship and fellowship really touched me, be it you from the United States of America to the Far East, from the British Isles to the Pacific Oceania Countries, from South Africa to Middle East.   

I thank you for showing interests in my one of a kind dolls which have been highly sought after at each Convention. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Yours truly,

Andy Lee
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The Gallery


 US Barbie convention, June 2003
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Gwyneth Estelle Francesca Trisha Marilyn

Princess Pai Ling Adelina Charlotte Princess Ping Natasha


 US Barbie convention, June 2002
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Tiffany Bridget Queenie Pandora Olivia Barbara

Vendura Audrey Rachel Clarissa Camilla Annabel


  US Barbie convention, 2001
click on the pictures below for a larger view

Yang Gui Fei


Tzu Tzi




Xiao Qin


Bai Su Zhen


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