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My name is Elizabeth Keimach
I have been painting for many years
and now I want to share my art with you
Just enter the door to my art gallery
or click on a link below.

I hope you enjoy your visit.Come back soon, won't you?


Handmade Greeting Cards
by Elizabeth keimach

The Galleries

My watercolors
My Animal Paintings
My Faerie Paintings
The Family-my stylized paintings
My Paintings for Children
My Animations

My other websites

My Faerie Website.
Art,Faeries & Vegetarians Website .
Vegetarian webpage.

My paintings can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

If you use my paintings,
please credit me
and I'd appreciate a link if at all possible. An e-mail would be an added bonus!!
Just click on the mailbox.

My paintings are for
non-commercial purposes only

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