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My name is Zack. I have been playing guitar for about 5 years. A friend of mine got a guitar recently and asked me to teach them. The only problem is that they live too far away. So, I decided to teach them online. That is what this is going to be. Thought I might as well try to show more than just the one friend of mine. I look foward to hearing from you and teaching you.

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NOTE: This is not for somebody who already knows how to play guitar! This is the BASICS.

Guitar Lessons.
1Guitar Of Choice
3The Guitar
4String Changes And General Cleaning
5Guitar Tuning & Tablature
6More On Tuning
7The Fretboard & What You NEED To Know
8What You Should Have Noticed On The Fretboard
9How To Read A Chord Diagram
10Major Chords
11Minor Chords
12Chords In General
13Power Chords
1Good Riddance - Green Day
2Holiday - Scorpions
3Old Shoes - Tom Waits
4Bother - Stone Sour

I have made each lesson printer friendly.


I have deleted my old forum and joined this new one. The All Guitar Forum is a great place to go talk to other guitarists, everyone is very nice and easy to talk to there. Visit:

If there are any problems or questions please email me at: TheUnnamedHero@yahoo.com

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