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The Unofficial Bang & Olufsen Collectors Club | Loudspeakers | Beolab 1
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Beolab 1

BeoLab 1 is for everyone who has a heart for superior sound.
You can turn your stereo up as loud as you want and still experience music the way it was meant to be.
Eye-opening sound
If the sounds you listen to, reflect the mood you're in, then BeoLab 1 is an invitation to express yourself to the full.
Behind the elegant design lies a powerhouse of sound technology that can enhance the best of movies or take your favourite piece of music to new heights. BeoLab 1 will, quite simply, open your eyes and ears to what a loudspeaker should look and sound like.
Unique cabinet
Three years of the toughest research and development have produced a loudspeaker at the cutting edge of acoustic technology.
The BeoLab 1 cabinet is divided into three individually sealed units, utilising vibration-damping materials normally only seen in the car industry. The built-in amplifiers powering each unit are calibrated and customised to ensure a uniform performance in the soundscape that's created.
Top line loudspeaker
BeoLab 1 delivers the purest, clearest sound ever heard from a Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker. With aural reproduction as close as you can get to the original, it allows you to distinguish each instrument playing in an orchestra and every word of a song. A single continuous piece of aluminium forms the rigid backbone of BeoLab 1. Strong enough to withstand the powerful vibrations, its curved design also eliminates any sharp edges or joins that could compromise sound quality.
Active loudspeaker benefits
The slender form of BeoLab 1 is a direct result of the Active Loudspeaker Technology we use in all our BeoLab loudspeakers. By placing the amplifier directly into the cabinet, we not only reduce the loudspeaker's overall size, we also improve it's sound performance.
BeoLab 1 also makes use of Bang & Olufsen's innovative ICEpower® technology. With practically no electric power loss and a greatly reduced cooling space, the new, compact digital power amplifier allows the bass unit in BeoLab 1 to produce a sound far beyond the dimensions of the cabinet.
Superior sound quality
What does sound look like? What colour does it have? At Bang & Olufsen, we believe it should be as clear and precise as possible, but that doesn't mean it has to be invisible. With BeoLab 1 sound makes a statement. It takes our pursuit for natural sound reproduction to a new level and delivers the ultimate true-to-life audio experience. We believe it's the purest sound ever heard from a Bang & Olufsen loudspeaker.
Since no two loudspeaker units have exactly the same physical characteristics, we calibrate them individually to make certain that the sound of each and every BeoLab loudspeaker leaving the factory is identical.
To ensure an optimal performance every time you listen to it, a BeoLab loudspeaker constantly "fine-tunes" the signal received from the sound source before distributing it out to the separate bass and treble power amplifiers.
Using aluminium for the cabinets is not just about looking good. Despite a thickness of only a few millimetres, it's a remarkably strong metal that's easily shaped to eliminate the problems normally experienced with loudspeakers made by traditional materials.
Once the surface has been polished until it shines like a mirror, it's dyed and given a tough ceramic coating that seals and protects the coloured exterior.The 5 strong colours match with the existing Bang & Olufsen range, and have been carefully chosen to compliment any environment in which they're placed.Choose between silver, blue, black, red or green.


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