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What's new?

January 25th
It's our class anniversary today! In celebration, I've done a bit of updating, plus added something new!
* The student of the day has finally been changed. No offense to Wren, but his image has been up for months! Today we switch to an image submitted by DonQuixote.
*More pics of animals were added to the 'Zoo pics' file...lions, a hippo, and a polar bear.
* This week, as part of our anniversary celebration, we'll be trying out a version of the 'artist's ambush' - a fun little 'beat the clock' kind of game where participants are given a subject and must finish a picture of it before time runs out! Feel free to come by and enjoy, as this will hoepfully become a bi-weekly thing!

January 11th
I just updated the logs. All of them. SEVEN-MONTHS-OF-LOGS. I have noone but my lazy self to blame for this 5 hours of work. Please check the links in the 'class logs' section and make sure they all work. If not, feel free to send me an email. I'm sure I'll be delighted to find I've made errors. @.O
August 17th.
*Pictures have been added to the 'Zoo Pics' section. Many thanks to DonQuixote for sending us some. More will come up over time.

August 10th.
Well, what's new? Well, the 'What's New?' section for one! :) This will be a spot for reporting new additions to the site, announcements, and general chatter.

Besides this section, there have also been other changes to the site as well (yes, the site that hasn't been updated in months has finally been updated! Whohoo!)

*Class logs have been updated, putting me a mere one month behind the current class. Hopefully I'll get the rest up soon!
*A new section - Classwork - has been added. This is a spot for students to pinup a peice of their own artwork for viewing! Currently empty however, so send in a pic for viewing. Just remember to follow the 'class rules' for submitting a pic, and please make the header of the email 'Classwork' so I know where it is going to. If you wish, you can even put a paragraph or two about yourself, contact info, ect ect (once again following class rules, of course, as far as links content ect ect...).
*A new section - Zoo pics - has been added. I know of at least one person who likes going to the zoo and photographing pictures of animals to work from, so I thought I'd add a section where these pictures can be shown for us to study and learn from. It's currently empty (hey, it just went up!) so I'll need pictures to fill it with. Just put the header 'Zoo Pics' in the title so I know where to send it to.