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Asian Culture Club

The Asian Culture Club's purpose is to support Asian students and educate the Westhill community about Asian culture. Various Asian cultures will be explored and presented through the year through activities such as the Asian Cultural Banquet, Lunar New Year celebration, museum visits, and trips. Meeting info: Mondays, in Room 223, at 2:10 PM

Advisor: Ms. Niwa


3/14/05:japanese calligraphy with ms.niwa. for a copy of the character sheet and other handouts that you missed, contact me at we learned about the different types of calligraphy, a little japanese culture about caligraphy, the rules/ styles, etc. thanks ms niwa!!!

2/28/05: no asian club today because of the snow!!!

3/07/05:today in asian club we reviewed the Anime Boston trip scheduled for the last week of april/first week of may. transportation and lodgings (hotel) was discussed. also we HAVE to have all of the asian club candy sale handed in AND donations for the asian club members that are going to go on the china trip next year are very welcome and should be handed in to ms. niwa or chris by this friday. if you want any information about the animecon trip come to board meetings which are open to those who want to be actively participating on fridays in the back of the media center, usually until 2:45. next week is calligraphy with ms. niwa as our instructor and we advise you to wear clothes that you wouldn't mind getting messy! we're definitely not responsible if you get black paint on your clothes =P.

2-14-05: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! today we had a lesson in Mandarin Chinese. two nice ladies came in to teach the language to the club. if you missed some part of the lesson, you can get notes by emailing me (stephanie) at xie xie! (thank you to the teachers)

2-9-05: HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! today asian club candy sale began. candy boxes were picked up @ ms. niwa's room/ rm 223. make sure to return your full envelope- don't miss even one dollar, to ms. niwa whenever you can find her in her room. or you can give the money to me (stephanie) as it is my treasurerly responsibility! =) don't worry the money's safe with me!

2-7-05: today we covered chinese folktales in order to prep for chinese new year's this wednesday. they were mostly about the origins of the landscape of china. the stories talked about dragons and phoenixes and also provided everyday morals in the context! thanks mike!

2-2-05: we had our asian buffet today! the pictures can be seen on the images link. it was awesome. thanks to all of you asian club members we raised around $300. congratulations to us! remember that members paid for their red club t-shirts today so if you didn't get yours please let someone know at the meetings. they will be used for other asian club events and will also/ you can also personalize them.

1-31-05: today was a quiet day at asian club as all we did was to watch 'case closed' an anime show. we watched the sherlock holmes episode. thanks jamar!

1-24-05: i taught korean today! however there weren't many members present. if you feel like you missed out we can do it another free day! just contact me(stephanie)

1-3&10-05: we watched 'fists of fury' starring bruce lee. a 70's placed martial arts movie, it was interesting to watch. it seemed primitive which induced a lot of laughter, along with the fact that it was dubbed.