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There are many elements that make up Asian Culture. Many date back several millenniums ago. Others are in the process of being created. This section describes those old and new elements of Asian Culture. Among the more traditional ones, religion, spirituality, and faith have always been important to Asian communities, as they were for many generations before them. But within the diversity of the Asian community, so too comes diversity in our religious beliefs and practices.

Which Religion is Most Popular?

asian religion


You're probably wondering which religions or faith traditions are the most popular among each Asian ethnic groups. Unfortunately definitive statistics are very hard to find. In fact, the researcher will not been able to find a comprehensive data that would answer these questions conclusively.

Nonetheless, there are some statistics that give a general picture of religious affiliation within the Asian community.

Catholic: 28.4%
Protestant: 22.5%
Atheist: 17.6%
Muslim: 6.9%
Jewish: 1.0%
Orthodox: 1.0%
Other: 19.6%
Don't know: 2.9%

Unfortunately, this survey did not offer Buddhism or Hinduism as answer choices. We can only assume that the vast majority of the 19.6% of people who answered "Other" were either Buddhist or Hindu. Nonetheless, the results show that while no religion can claim a majority of followers in the Asian community, the Roman Catholic church seems to have the most followers. This is probably due to the large Filipino (where the vast majority are Catholic) and Vietnamese communities (where 40% are Catholic).
Although it's not completely accurate, it's a generally safe assumption that the religious proportions within an Asian country are similar to that within its community in the U.S.
Bangladesh: Muslim 88.3%, Hindu 10.5%, other 1.2%
India: Hindu 80%, Muslim 14%, Christian 2.4%, Sikh 2%, Buddhist 0.7%, Jains 0.5%, other 0.4%
Philippines: Roman Catholic 83%, Protestant 9%, Muslim 5%, Buddhist and other 3%
Japan: observe both Shinto and Buddhist 84%, other 16% (including Christian 0.7%)
South Korea: Christian 49%, Buddhist 47%, Confucianist 3%, Shamanist, Chondogyo (Religion of the Heavenly Way), and other 1%

Again, these stats are imperfect because as China and Viet Nam are both officially atheist countries, there are no statistics on the proportions of religions in each country.

asian faith

The People and Culture of each Asian Nation

philippine culture

With more than a billion people, China is a haven for human interest images. The photograph shows residents gathering at an open park to try ballroom dancing, tango, cha-cha, rumba and probably the macarena.

Indonesian Culture

Cockfighting, or "sabong" in the Philippines vernacular, has been referred to by many as a sport, a profession, a lifestyle even. Or, to others, simply a pastime. Cockfighting, which dates back to the pre-Spanish era, knows no class distinction, where rich and poor alike meet and enjoy the game. Cockfighting, long been banned or driven underground in most other countries, remains largely popular in the Philippines and is virtually the national sport.

culture of china

Indonesia is the world's largest Moslem nation with 200 million people. After the recent economic and political crisis, the country is gradually recovering. The picture shows and Indonesian Entrepreneur using a live crocodile to promote his products derived from crocodile parts in the capital's Chinatown district. 

Malaysian Culture

Fundamentally, the culture of Thailand may be summed up in one word, religion. For everything, arts and literature, social system, habits and customs is developed and clustered around her religion. It is in quite recent times only that there have been some changes in the culture due to western influence. Thai culture tends to become secular in the progressive parts of the country; but to the people as a whole. religious culture is still a living force.

Vietnam Art and Culture

Malaysian culture are one single harmonious combination of cultural ways of the many races. At M'sia here, tourist can find themselves in peaceful paddy village to bustling forest of skyscrapers to serene and pristine beach resort. Handicraft from state of Kelantan and Terengganu are often sought out by tourist for their exotic and unique characteristic.


Thai Culture

Vietnam has a very rich culture that has been shaped by many different civilizations throughout history. Vietnamese art shows a strong Chinese influence, but has the delicate Vietnamese twist. Ceramics are common in Vietnam as is silk weaving, and elaborately engraved furniture.

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