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ArtistAlicio-Paint the Sky OR Die Trying

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Hey Kiddos, ><>, ><>, ><>, ><>, ><>, ><>, ><>, ><>, ><>, ><>, ><> Remember, This life is not about you..or how rich you are, or how many things you own, how many people you have dated, or how many you kiss...This life is not about gettin your name out there, or being the hottest person on the planet, or how many friends you have, or how many people know your name. Its about God..and living for him..and giving him your all...and sharing his Glory with the World..its about three little words- Faith Hope and Love..and how you incorporate them into your daily living. Its about trusting Him to meet all your needs, from money to relationships, to careers, to the future. Its just about not giving up, always pressing on and living your faith Loudly! So Thanks for stoppin by...hit me up on the ol email sometime, or check out my webjournal and leave me a comment. Life is good..God is Great...Live it, love it...and never stop trying to paint the sky! God bless, @L:(E ~Alice~