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It will chronicle My Battle with Cancer

My Name is William Tomsick

I am 71 years old
I live on Cape Coral Florida
I moved here from Cleveland / Parma Ohio in 1998

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I guess I never thought I'd be in this palace
and the all around stress put on my family
is affecting me now too
I live with my wife
a 33 year old step son who has not had a full time job in years
and his 9 year old son
the cost of my treatment is cutting into my ability to support them

The time line is a bit disconnected in
There was a delay diagnosing the cancer
I changed Primary Care Doctors in July 2018 and again in Dec 2018

The Dr I had from July to Dec did nothing to detect
the cause of any of the symptoms I presented
But On Dec 3rd 2018 after telling my new primary care physician
I was still seeing discoloration in my urine
he gave me an in office dip urine test
it indicated blood in my urine

I started seeing this once in early July and it became more frequent
BUT 3 other lab urine and blood te sts (June 15th - Sept 10th and Nov 13th )
showed NO blood nor any other extreme anomalies in my urine or blood

I had other symptoms - Low back pain - fatigue - i lost 16 pounds in under a month = June 15 to July 25th

above is a pic of my urine around mid Sept

My new PCP immediately ordered a FULL lab blood and urine workup for Dec 5th
and a CT scan for Dec 13th 2018

I believe he may have saved my life
by ordering those diagnostic tests

The Dec 5th urine test results finally showed blood in my urine
The following image gives the URINE test results which first indicated carcinoma ( cancer cells )

The above image shows the results from the Dec 5th 2018 Quest laboratory urine test

Now next is my first CT scan from Dec 13th

You can clearly discern the difference in size
between my normal right kidney and my enlarged left Kidney
which is caused by a tumor in my left ureter
blocking the urine from exiting my kidney
The ureter tubes connect your kidneys to your bladder
each kideny has one

The Dec 13th CT scan also found
a 5.3 cm abdominal intrarenal aortic aneurysm
The next image is the report regarding my first CT scan Dec 13th 2018

the aneirysm will complicate my treatment for the cancer
More on the aneurysm later on this page

This next report is from a CT scan with Lasix done Jan 3rd
Its purpose was to measure the functionality of my kidneys
as you can see the left was almost non working at 3%

Later on this page I will share how my condition went undetected for OVER 5 months.

Here is my 1st Video
I will add videos and more information
as I maneuver my way against this killer

Now my first video
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How I got where I am today

On June 15th 2018 I saw my then Primary care doctor
I weighed 226 pounds at 6 foot six inches

the visit was uneventful my blood test almost normal
but my glucose reading was 133
I have stage 1 diabetes and he was not concerned
my creatin was 1.27 ( less than 1.20 is acceptable )
high creatin readings above 1.3 over 3 to 4 months indicates the onset liver / kidney problems
so he said we would keep an eye on that reading in the future
and we discussed the possibilty of my having my right hip replaced
I was told I had to wait another 6 month for the hip
since I had stent implants in Feb 2018
and I needed to stay on blood thinners for a full year

My doctor informed me that he doubted
any bone doctor would perform a replacement under those conditions
So I resigned myself to going for 6 more months
putting up with pain and limited mobility my hip was causing

I then had a very tramatic episode and I decided to move
and did so on June 22nd 2018
I moved to a city 170 miles away

to cut to the quick I had to change primary care doctors
and made an appointment for July 25th with my new MD

Since I had blood work for my June visit
my new Dr said another blood test so close to the June one would not be necessary

On the day of my July appointment with the new MD I weighed 210 pounds _
I had lost 16 pounds in 33 days - with little change in eating habits -
Fact: I was eating more then I had before June 22nd

During the interim I started to see infrequent discoloration in my urine
I was experiencing lower back pain
and occasional feeling of a pulsating in my abdomen
I also told the new Dr I was very fatigued and was napping
far more than I had ever done
the back pain was not unusual
AS I had a spinal cord injury in 1987 and never fully recovered

The doctor said the discoloration in my urine was most likely from the blood thinners
The weight loss from the stress of the move
and the back pain and fatigue could have been caused by exertion during the move

He did not seem concerned but asked me to have a blood test and return on Sept 13th
I did and at the Sept appointment he said
my blood test showed nothing abnormal ( no blood in my urine )
and I pointed out my creatine reading
was had elevated after 3 months to 1.31 and
my glucose was at 127 - and again the glucose was not unusual
I was seeing discoloration in my pee more frequently
I weighed 205 pounds - I had lost another 5 pounds

He again assured me the discoloration in my urine
was from the blood thinners
the higher creatin was probably from my meds

He also did not detect the 5.3 cm ( 2.012 inch aneurysm )
I did have aneurysm symptoms in the form of a pulsating in the lower abdomen
which feels like a heartbeat
and the lower back pain
most aneurysms are only detected through CT scans or MRIs
being performed for other problems
but this Dr had enough cause to order a scan for my other symptoms
pointing toward carcinoma in my left uretur but he did not

I did some online research of my own and
all the complaints I expressed
to that Dr are symptoms of Kidney / Bladder cancer and an aneurysm
yet there was no mention of those by this doctor

On Feb 8th I had a cycstooscopy perfromed
This procedure is standard for most types of abdominal cancers

Your doctor will insert a smaill cystoscope tube into your urethra ( YOUR PEE HOLE )
it has a camera attached
Your doctor will examine your urethra and bladder.
the camera has a lens which works like a telescope to magnify
the inner surfaces of your ureters and bladder and kidneys

Your doctor might take tissue samples for lab biopsy testing
so a larger scope tube might be needed to take tissue samples
or pass surgical tools into the bladder

For about 36 hours after the procedure you will have to urinate frequently
in my case it felt like I was peeing fish hooks

Below is the image TAKEN DURING a cystoscopy done on me Feb 8th 2019
The tumor blocking my ureter is clearly discerned

Here is the report / results from the cystoscopy
I have Cancer OF THE URETER

Next is an image from a PET scan done on Feb 20th 2019
during a PET SCAN radioactive liquid is injected
and will show any areas where cancer is located
or if the cancer has Metastasizes OR SPREAD

The next image is the Report of The PET SCAN
I was informed the cancer has NOT spread


NOW ABOUT the aneurysm

The aneurysm was detected Dec 13th in a CT scan
which was done to diagnose my blood in urine problem

I have since had two other CT SCANS for the aneurysm
An aneurysm is the bulging of an artery
if an aortic aneurysm ruptures it is almost always fatal

My Vascualr Surgeon and Urologist decided the aneurysm would be addressed first
and Weds March 6th was the day it was done
and I now present the outcome

A 5.3 an aneurysm is at the limits of a major aneurysm - one that must be treated with invasive open surgery
it was determined mine qualifies for the less invasive stent
which is done like a heart cath
where they enter your body through your groin
to place the stent

It appears there was a problem with mine
since there are four incisions

I was told beforehand it may be necessary to
do extra cuts to make sure the stent is set correctly

The medical term is an Endovascular Stent
the difference is the size of the stent
mine is 30 times bigger that any one of my 6 heart stents

For some reason my Website editor is not allowing me to make
all the edits and updates

I will add the updates as soon as it is working again

My Next Opration is Friday March 22nd the removal of my
left kidney and left ureter where the tumor is located

Once this surgery is completed
wde will sit down and plan out
the way we will proceed and decide what type of chemo we
need to attack with


Once Again I want to thank my thousands of friends and followers
who have offered prayers on my various social media sites
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who is the patron saint of miracles and help of hopeless causes
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