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29 Aug 1998

Yet a bigger step for the site..
Welcome to my domain. We're finally UP! (Wow) If you were a member of the club, it has changed to the Knights of Hyrule. If you were in the club, you will need to sign up again. You can do so on the KoH page.

We at Knights of Hyrule wants your visit to be the best. We got medias and misc. stuff on Zelda that you won't find anywhere else.

25 Aug 1998

A Step for the site nonetheless...
I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while.... I got a trojan horse (virus) on my system and I couldn't get on my ftp space for a week. I had to wipe my entire hard drive, so once I got on the space, I had to re-download the entire site to my hard drive! Talk about a bummer. I won't be able to update until around August.. (I know, it really bites) because I have all these family trips to go on. There is a possiblity that I'll get Link's Links up before August, but lets' just say that it's a one in ten chance. If you have a site that you really like, tell me by e-mailing me here

23 Aug 1998

Whats up?
Can't wait for Zelda 5: Ocarina of Time? Your just in time to find some info on one of the greatest game (that will be) for the N64 to date. Hold your breath because theres enough stuff here to drown you out in exhaust.

標e Re-opened the site with my major list of things about ス finished.

標e made the frames version invisible frames.

標e basically changed the entire layout of the site.

標e added to the download section very much.

標e made the club (Now Known as the Knights of Hyrule) its own page.

A MXhunter slop page!

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