Information and Pricing


Our standard portrait prices are determined by the number of individuals in the portrait and the requested medium. These prices are listed below and pertain only to traditional portraits that contain upper body and head shots and that have plain backgrounds. Any additional details that are requested in the background may subject the portrait to an additional charge. You can
e-mail us a copy of the photograph and a brief description of what you desire. We guarantee satisfaction, so we will only work from photographs that are clear and provide sufficient detail.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for your protection, so once the portrait is completed, we will send a copy of it via e-mail for your approval. If you're happy with the results and would like to receive your portrait, please click the add to cart button below that pertains to your order. Only click the add to cart button after the process is complete. Once we receive the payment, we will then send your portrait.

A $3.00 handling fee is added to the price of every portrait.