Apara's Kiss
Apara's Kiss
11 X 15
Watercolor and Colored Pencil
Strathmore 140 lb. Paper

This piece is the final version of two Spawns: "The Apple Girl" and "A Little Taste."
The alterations that were made to the female are what truly makes this an erotic piece.
"The Apple Girl" showed a girl that was far too sexy and "wise" to the world. Her dress
was thin and form fitting, and her stockings were modern. I felt that this final version
needed to portray a more realistic girl. The intended history time frame called for a girl that
was plain and simple. I achieved this by putting a traditional covering on her head and an ordinary
country dress with plain shoes. The effect is startling. By making her more plain, I feel that I've achieved a
highly erotic piece of work.

When some girls are born, a fairy will leave its touch on their skin. This is often times done by little sprites
that kiss them softly on the cheeks. This touch is sometimes the girl's doom, however. When they come
of age, the power of Apara draws them into the deep places where magic dwells, and the girls
are quite often discovered by trolls and goblins. Young girls are always reminded of these threats by their
parents, but there is another threat that is not always known to Mothers and Fathers, and that threat is
the loss of the girl's virture. Satyrs prey on these girls and draw them close with their flutes and songs. The
plain clothes that there girls wear are no deterence to the satyrs' thirst. For the satyr seduces her from the
buttons and straps of her garments with ease.
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