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Painter - Dunedin New Zealand

Page Four

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Through  Frida's Eyes

Laughing Stock

Human Fly

Through Frida's Eyes, 2007

Laughing Stock, 2006 (sold)

Human Fly, 2007 (sold)

Bubbly Bath

Frida's Flight

Green Man
Bubbly Bath, Jan. 2007 (sold)
Frida's Flight, Feb. 2007 (sold)
Green Man, May  2007 (sold)

Bo Peep

Bo Peep, March 2007 (sold)
Blow Dry



Clementine , April  2007

Blow Dry, June 2007 (sold)

Midsummer, June 2007

La Madre


Home ..... ..Page 2 .. ...Page 3 ... ...Page 5........Links


Anni Morris


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12 June 2007