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Rule # 1
Ubar's word is Law

Rule # 2

Freewomen must always be respectful of men in Gor in their behavior. Nothing overtly sexual or suggestive in anyway. Remember you are Free only as long as the Freemen of Gor wish you to be free.

Rule # 3

Panther Girls act as any other Freewoman while a visitor in this HS.

Rule # 4

Here the Ownership of slaves and the restrictions set upon a slave by the Owner/Master are to be respected by All at all times.

Rule # 5

The Master/Mistress determines EVERYTHING for any and all under His/Her collar. The Council nor Ubar will interfere with the relationship between a Master and His collared slaves unless it becomes necessary to enforce the Rules contained here in.

Rule # 6

Strangers are considered enemies in Gor until proven otherwise

Rule # 7

Be loyal and respectful and others will be the same to you.

Rule # 8

Masters / Mistresses dont purr, giggle, or whine… unless they want a Ko-lar.

Rule # 9

If you consider yourself a Master, Master yourself before attempting to Master a slave.

Rule # 10

Abuse of slaves is not permitted. They may be disciplined verbally by any Free Person, however, physical punishment may only be given by the slaves Owner or by the Ubar if the Owner is away

This HomeStone is a place where A/all are welcome..act your status or face death or Ko-lar.

Anangor - We Live by World of Gor Laws and Rules