« What a Master expects »

This is very straightforward... the Gorean Master wants everything, and more.
It is not sufficient for a kajira to be merely a sex-toy, the Master will take that just for starters, or as an aside.
The true Master is not satisfied unless he owns the kajira fully, mind and body, heart and soul. He owns her, and will not accept anything less than all of what he owns.
The kajira thoughts and emotions, her talents and skills, he hopes and her dreams, and yes, even her nightmares.
All of her, belongs to her Master.
The total ownership of the kajira brings certain Responsibilities for the Gorean Master. Yes, she is his property, but that will mean that he takes care of his property as best he can. The kajira is *human* property, and humans have needs and requirements which must be met in order for them to be at their very best.
As the owner, the Master fosters those things that He Prizes in His kajira. Likewise, He will not tolerate those things which are harmful to her, or make her less than she should be.
The Master will be proud of his property, and will require that she behave according to His wishes. After all, his choice of the kajira is a direct reflection upon him, his tastes and his abilities as a Master.
For example, the manner in which a girl serves is a direct indication of the effort her Master has taken in her training.
Serves are very public displays of training. Others will know by her behavior, her service, her demeanor, how much effort the Master has put into the girl, and how good a Master he is. Or is not.
Though the kajir s often referred to as an animal and is held as property, the Gorean Master is well aware that she is *human*. Though the kajir is often referred to as an animal and is held as property, the Gorean Master is well aware that she is *human*.
Gorean see humans as an intrinsic part of nature for which they have a tremendous respect. Therefore, violating nature and the natural order of things is almost inconceivable, and would be akin to committing a criminal offense. Humans are animals just as the sleen, larl, tarn and urt.
Kajira may be called a 'meaningless slut', or simply referred to as 'meaningless'. Like their earthen counterparts, Goreans do not like to consider themselves overly materialistic, 'enslaved' to greed, or even to their own desires. As public demonstration , a Master may call even his most beloved kajira 'meaningless', when in fact, he would risk his very life to save her from danger.
A slut is one who is both well used, and is bound by her own carnal desires. The term is quite apt for the kajira.
Slavery is in the belly, slave heat, oil, and juicing
Kajira feel slavery deep in their belly, at times almost a physical need that can be so extreme as to cause cramping and pain. They are kajira, and that need is answered by a Master's presence, acknowledgement, and firm handling of the girl.
Often, you will see kajirae referring to "slave heat". This refers to the heat between her thighs. It should not be confused with the fiery need of the girl's slavery, which is felt in the belly, or also sometimes very strongly in love, in her heart.
The heat generated by her arousal, and, sometimes, the moisture beading about the crotch area from this. Goreans refer to the flow of vaginal lubrication caused by arousal as "juicing", or "oiling".
The liquid itself is called the "oil of submission".
A kajira is defined by her devotion, and her needs. By what she gives, and what she craves.

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