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Your first and above most duty:
"What are my duties? I asked.
Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience," said Sucha."
Slave Girl of Gor, page 261

One always kneels in the presence of Freepersons, and addresses FM as Master and FW as Mistress:

"A Gorean slave girl in the presence of a free man or woman always kneels, unless excused from doing so...
...A Gorean slave, incidentally, always addresses free men as `Master,' and all free women as `Mistress.'"
Captive of Gor page 73

Never strike a Master or a Mistress, or if they wish, it could mean death.

"When one who is a slave strikes a free person the penalty is not infrequently death by impalement, preceeded by lengthy torture."
Assassin of Gor p.74

Remember you are slave of men:

"In Gorean mythology, it is said that there was once a war between men and women and that the women lost, and the the Priest-Kings, not wishing the women to be killed, made them beautiful, but as the price of this gift decreed that they, and their daughters, to the end of time, would be the slaves of men."
Dancer of Gor, page 352

Do not touch coins, carry them in your mouth, unless otherwise stated by your Master.

"Paga!' called the standing man. `Paga!'
A blonde girl, nude, with a string of pearls wound about her steel collar, ran to the table and, from the bronze vessel, on its strap, about her shoulder, poured paga into the goblet before the seated man. The fellow who stood by the table, scarcely noticing the girl, placed a tarsk-bit in her mouth, and she fled back to the counter where, under the eye of a paga attendant, she spit the coin into a copper bowl."
Rogue of Gor page 78

You have no right, you are owned:

"`In the eyes of Gorean law you are an animal. You have no name in your own right. You may be collared and leashed. You may be bought and sold, whipped, treated as the master pleases, disposed of as he sees fit. You have no rights whatsoever. Legally you have no more status than a tarsk or vulo. Legally, literally, you are an animal.'
Explorers of Gor page 316

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