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Rule # 1
All Freepersons are to be addressed as either Master or Mistress. If the sex of the Freeperson can not be determined from the name, Master is to be used until the gender is clarified.

Rule # 2

Serve every Master or Mistress as if your well being depends on being pleasing ......it does.

Rule # 3

While a Freeperson may not always be right, they are, by definition, never WRONG. Slaves always have the last word in any disagreement ..two words "Yes, Master"...

Rule # 4

Jealousy and possessiveness have killed more slaves than disobedience.

Rule # 5

Slaves are required to use 3rd person.

Rule # 6

Perfection of service and submission is the goal, mere excellence will only be tolerated.

Rule # 7

Your collar carries the honor of your Owner. Your attitude can make it as light as a feather or as heavy as a mountain.

Rule # 8

If there are none requiring service, use the time to clean, cook, bake, practice serving technigues with your sisters or learn about Gor. DO NOT BE IDLE.

Rule # 9

Slaves possess nothing not given to them by their Owner, including their name. What is given can be taken away, if given a name, silks or jewelry, remember that these can be removed as easily as they were given.

Rule # 10

The merest whim of your Owner is your highest law, and lawbreakers are punished.Your Owner's wishes came before all others.If your Owner calls for you, you are to drop everything and report to them right away, no excuses.

Anangor - We Live by World of Gor Laws and Rules