« 10 Basic Steps to a Serve »

When serving the Free, remember They can only picture what you tell them. Be descriptive, adding personal touches such as: Eye color, Hair color, Silks, Skin tone, Body Shape, Movements, etc.

There are 10 basic steps to a serve:

1. Acknowledge - after receiving an order, repeat it and express your pleasure in being allowed to serve. Ask Questions to clarify preferences, such as chilled, warmed, sugars, etc.

2. Go - rise from kneeling, step back three paces, turn and move to serving area using descriptive words so the Free can "see" you.

3. Container - choose the proper receptacle in which to serve the drink or food that was requested; describe it.

4. Check and Clean the Vessel - insure that the vessel is free of anything that may harm the Free (i.e., nicks, blemishes) or that may make it unsuitable for presentation (carvings or other inappropriate emblems, etc.) then wipe it clean, preferably with your hair or a fresh repcloth.

5. Get the Beverage/Food - prepare the beverage or food as ordered

6. Approach/Return - return to the Master/Mistress from the serving/prep area and kneel at the feet of the Freeperson appropriately: if a Master nadu, if serving a Mistress tower; in in nadu, don't spread thighs too wide,

7. Prepare - bring the container low between thighs (or before the knees if serving a Mistress), then to slavebelly, and then to the heart for three beats. This signifies the slave's submission, obedience and devotion or desire to please.

8. Offer to prove - offer to test the drink for the Free Person to insure that if there is any poison within the vessel and/or beverage, the ill harm shall fall upon the slave. This exemplifies the slave's willingness to give his/her own life for the Free. Once this step has been completed, whether the slave is directed to prove or not, the drink or food will then be presented.

9. Presenting - with your arms outstretched and head bowed between them, the vessel lifted and held in your hands within easy reach of the Master or Mistress; you speak your wish that the offering is fully enjoyed and your service is found pleasing to the Freeperson. The slave will hold this position until the drink or food offered has been taken from his/her hands.

10. Thank the Free for their allowing you to serve them once the vessel leaves your hands, then be sure to lower your hands to rest appropriately upon your thighs. Ask if you may be of further service to them even if you are restricted, as further desired service may involve something not forbidden to you. you may be directed to remain at the feet of the Free whom you've just served, or you may be released from service. If released, return to the slaves' furs or to your Owner's feet.

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