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"Slavery is cultural for Goreans. They know it is something a woman can be."

Slavery is a culturally accepted institution upon the planet Gor. It is not something tolerated or decidedly approved, but rather, is a normal part of life that is seen not so much as an addition to society, as it is simply a part of the natural order of mankind itself. It is a societal institution, developed in accordance with nature, rather than in conflict with it. Slavery on Gor is a very real manifestation of the Gorean belief in the natural ascendency of the strong over the weak, and in this way is not considered something evil, or solely oppressive. Those that are slaves are made so by those that are stronger and more capable than them, thus they are regulated to a position that is natural to them, before those who in reality are their "masters." In a sense though, they are not even made slaves by those around them, but in a way reach this condition by the simple fact that that is what they are meant to be, with the actual enslavement being just an external realization of what has long existed within, be it known to the subject prior to this or not. And in being what it is that is inside them, in living the role that is proper for them, even if that of a slave, fulfillment is found, for the real truth of one's life has become one's existence. Those who are enslaved, and stay slaves, are what they were meant to be. Most slaves are those that were formerly free, with those born and bred into the actual legal status of slavery being much fewer in number. These people become enslaved through a variety of means and conditions, but the collar usually finds "its own." Even those who when free held positions of power and command may one day be enslaved. Due to failure or some personal failing, be it weakness, inability, foolishness, or simply a mistake they made, these people find themselves in a collar, which to Goreans, is where they belong. In this way, even those that are strong may find themselves lowered to slavery, learning in a very real way the cost of failure and the price of errors made. Those that deserve to be free remain free, or will find their freedom.

Regarding the sexes, women are more often made slaves than are men. This is in part due to the biological differences between the two sexes, and is based in many ways on natural instinct and inclination. Man, in his natural state, is the dominant sex, while the female, likewise in the natural state, is the submissive. Gorean civilization has developed in harmony with these basic biological ideas, with society being a rational development of them and not a contradiction of nature. On a planet such as Gor, women are simply not as capable physically to defend and protect themselves against the general environment, or the opposite sex itself. While women are not seen as inferior to men, especially not in an intellectual sense (intelligence is actually much encouraged and prized), they are naturally weaker than the men around them, and given the hostile nature of the land's wildlife and peoples, are far less able to retain their freedom or survive if left to their own means. Women also possess a natural, biological inclination to be submissive to strong men, born of the same instincts that lead them to seek the protection of man. To the Gorean male, the female, especially one of another land or city, is an object that belongs collared at his feet. Nothing brings out the strength in a man more, than a woman kneeling before him as his. And nothing brings out the true nature of woman more, than to kneel before a strong master. The sexes are not viewed as equal or the same, but rather, each is seen as different, unique and special, glorious in their own qualities which should be praised and encouraged, not shunned or sought to be changed; accepted in their natural state and not perverted by a civilization which rejects nature. As such, woman is a creature of multi-facted beauty, a prized possession, an object of desire, and sign of prestige, rather then something taken for granted, ignored or killed. In a sense, the true female within is not realized fully until she is in a collar, with slavery making the depths of her potential and beauty appear, and also be appreciated by both men and the slave herself.

Men on the other hand are usually killed rather than enslaved. This is due in part to the fact that most Gorean men would rather die than be made slaves, so the simple subjugation of a Gorean man is often proved to be quite difficult. Furthermore, men simply do not hold the same value as women do on the slave market, and as said, the effort needed to subdue them usually outweights the sum of their worth in coin. Treatment is also a factor, for females often have an easier time in this way then do their male counterparts, who are often quickly and brutally worked to death. Slavery in the case of the male is more often done as a form of criminal punishment or humiliation, with men taken in raids or defeated in war more often simply slain.

Slavery on Gor, is an absolute condition. There are no partial or part-time slaves, slavery is an extreme and a wholeness of being. Gorean masters do not tolerate failings in their property, and errors are quickly and harshly corrected, with no second chances given. Owners simply expect the slave to perform correctly the first time. As the slave develops in the collar, the fullness of the condition she is held in fast becomes apparent, as does the reality of her being. The girl "grows" in her slavery, and what may start as a fear of punishment, quickly turns into an internal fear of failing her master, and a want to be found fully pleasing by him. The master becomes the center of the girls world, being not only responsible for her continued existence, but also now the center of her own happiness.

It should also be remembered by those wishing to argue against the above, that this regards Gor, not Earth. As such, the climate, environment and general conditions of each planet and culture differ greatly, and one cannot look at one from the instilled perspective of the other and hope to cite faults. What may seem appalling to those of Earth, is seen as simple and readily accepted life to those of Gor, and in turn, those of Gor view Earth as equally appalling, if not even more so. To the Gorean, his civilization is a compliment to nature, while that of Earth, is a contradiction.

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