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This fruit is apparently identical to the Earth apricot;there is a references that apricots exist and being sold in the Tahari, marketplaces.
(Tribesmen of Gor..Page 45)

Arctic gant eggs

Eggs of the migratory Arctic gant; when frozen...they are eated like apples
(Beasts of Gor..Page 196)

Black Bread

Baked soft and full flavored from Gorean grains, heavy and dark, server with clotted Bosk Cream or honey.
(Hunters of Gor..Page 13)


Are smuggled from Earth..Very rare.


Large, shaggy, long-horned bovine similar to the Earth cow; cattle; used for many things on Gor.Can be served roasted and sliced, or as steaks. served as beef is served.The milk of the bosk is very drinkable and can be used to make cheese and churned for butter.
(Nomads of Gor..Page 4)


Churned from the milk of the Bosk or the Verr.

Celaine Melon

Is cantelope or rockmelon


Can be made from the milk of the Bosk or the Verr


A staple of the diet of the Tahari Tribesmen; they are sold in a tef: five such baskets constitutes a huda. in the large compresses bricks they are used in trade.
tef..a handful with the five fingers closed;
tefa..is six tefs( a small basket);
(Tribesmen of Gor..Page 4)

Gulf Oysters

Delicacy of the waters..served fresh...found in the coolroom in a bed of ice shards


Cosian Wingfish

Is a blue salt-water fish with 3-4 slender poisonous spines. Called so for it's ability to "fly" above the waters of Thassa for short distances. it's livers are considered a delicacy.
(Nomads of Gor..Page 84)

Parsit Fish

A silvery fish having brown stripes and wingfish - tiny blue salt-water fish with 4 poisonous spines on its dorsal fin; its liver is considered a delicacy in Turia.

Salt Thassa Fish

Salt Thassa fish is just that, a small fish from the gleaming Thassa.It is served baked or broiled.


My house, incidentally, like most Gorean houses, had no ice chest. There is little cold storage on Gor. Generally food is preserved by being dried or salted. Some cold storage, of course, does exist. Ice is cut from ponds in the winter, and then stored in ice houses, under sawdust. One may go to the ice house for it, or have it delivered in ice wagons. Most Goreans of course, cannot afford the luxury of ice in the summer.
(Guardsman of Gor..Page 295)

Kaiili milk

Used by the peoples of the Tahari as verr milk is used elsewhere, its reddish with a salty, strong taste due to the content of ferrous sulfate
(Tribesmen of Gor..Page 71)

Kanda Leaf

The roots of the kanda plant, which grows largely in the desert regions on Gor, are extremely toxic, but, surprisingly, the rolled leaves of this plant, which are relatively innocuous, are formed into strings and, chewed or sucked, are much favored by many Goreans, particularly in the southern hemisphere, where the leaf is more abundant.
(Nomads of Gor..Page 43)


A leafy vegetable

Kort Rinded Vegetable

Alarge, brownish-skinned, thick-rinded, sphere-shaped vegetable, six inches in width. the interior is yellowish and fibrous, and heavily seeded; rind vegetable of the Tahari dessert; served sliced with melted cheese and nutmeg traditionally.
(Tribesmen of Gor..Page 37)


A sweet succulent fruit, rather like an apple,it is served sliced,can be served with browned-honey sauce; served only when requested by a Master or Mistress
Served by the slave when they wished to be used by that Master or Mistress. And offering a larma, real or imagined, by a slavegirl to her Master is a silent plea for the girl to be raped.
"The larma is luscious. It has a rather hard shell but the shell is brittle and easily broken. Within, the fleshy endocarp, the fruit, is delicious and very juicy. Sometimes, when a woman is referred to as a "larma," it is suggested that her hard or frigid exterior conceals rather different sort of interior, one likely to be quite delicious."
(Renegades of Gor..Page 437)


Yellowish red-striped spheres


These are commonly from the City of Tor. (referred to as Torian Olives.)also comes in red olives


Delicacy from the delta of the Vosk..served fresh...found in the coolroom in a bed of ice shards


These are mentioned as a menu item, but not described

Pit Fruit

Hard larma,a firm, single-seeded, apple-like fruit unlike the segmented, juicy larma. It is some times called the pit fruit, because of its large single stone.
(Players of Gor..Page 267)
Single-seeded applelike fruit; a variation of the succulent juicy larma with a single seed; commonly called pit fruit
(Players of Gor..Page267
"I took a slice of hard larma from the tray. This is a firm, single-seeded, applelike fruit. It is quite unlike the segmented, juicy larma It is sometimes called, and perhaps more aptly, the pit fruit, because of its large single stone
(Players of Gor..Page 267)


A fat,reddish,juicy, small succulent berry fruit, with edible seed, not unlike tiny plums, saved for the many seeds.
(Captive of Gor..Page 305)

Red fruit

Similar in flesh and taste to apples of earth origins

Red Salt

Some salt mines at Klima deliver red salt, red from ferrous oxide in its composition, which is called the Red Salt of Kasra, after its port of embarkation, at the juncture of the Upper and Lower Fayeen.
(Tribesmen of Gor..Page 238)


A water plant like rice, the grain is eaten and the stems harvested and pressed into paper or woven into cloth. the grain may be boiled or ground into a paste and sweetened; this paste can also be fried into a type of pancake.
(Raiders of Gor..Page 7)

Rence, pith of

Edible (both raw and cooked part of rence, it along with fish is the staple in rence growers diet. also sometimes used for caulking:
(caulking: to press into the seams between the planks of a boat to prevent leaks).
(Raiders of Gor..Page 7)


A grain, yellow in color. it is a staple of Gor. it is brewed into Paga. It is also ground and used to bake the Sa-Tarna Bread that is a staple food at every Gorean meal. the bread is a rounded, flat loaf that is yellow in color. it is marked, before baking, into six sections.

Slave porridge

A cold, unsweetened mixture of water and Sa-Tarna meal, on which slaves are fed; in Torvaldsland, it is called 'bond-maid gruel', and often mixed with pieces of chopped parsit fish.


2 varities are commonly used, the white Sugar and the Yellow sugar. it is believed that the white Sugar is made from fruits and the Yellow Sugar from the juices of crushed cane stalks.
"She carried a tray, on which were various spoons and sugars. She knelt, placing her tray upon the table. With a tiny spoon, its tip no more than a tenth of a hort in diameter, she placed four measures of white sugar, and six of yellow, in the cup; with two stirring spoons, one for the white sugar, another for the yellow, she stirred the beverage after each measure."
(Tribesmen of Gor..Page 89)


Golden brown, starchy, tuberous root of the Sul Plant (not unlike the potato on earth). One way of serving is to break it open and fill it with melted Bosk cheese,often served sliced and fried.Can be distilled into the drink called paga.


A soup made prinicipally from suls, tur-pah, and kes, along with whatever else may be handy.


Swift, single horn gazelle like antelope yellowish in color, known for their sweet meat and speed, the Tabuk is generally served roasted, or grilled over an open flame. Tabuk can also be served, fried, stewed or dried.
(Priest-Kings of Gor..Page 191)


Seedless, purple, pitted, similar to Earth grapes, comes from the vineyards on the Isle of Cos; should be sliced and skinned in front of the Master/Mistress
(Priest-Kings of Gor..Page 45)


Porcine animal akin to the urth pig, having a bristly mane which runs down its spine to the base of the tail. This meat is roasted. On way to prepare it is stuffed with suls and peppers from the City of Tor.


Sweet succulent candy on a stick; normally found in parks, promenades and popular events
(Dancers of Gor..Page 81)


A small, wrinkled, juicy, yellowish-white citrus like fruit, about the size of a plum, which grows on the tospit bush, patches of which are indigenous to the drier valleys of the western Cartius. they are bitter but edible.
(Nomads of Gor page..59) and (Tribesmen of Gor..Page 46}


A large carniverous bird of the plains, is hunted and eaten by the Nomadic people of Gor. traditionally hunted with bolos the sport lies in wether you or the bird gets to eat that night
(Nomads of Gor..Page 2)


An edible tree parasite with curly, red, ovate leaves; grows on the tur tree; a main ingredient in sullage.
(Priest-Kings of Gor..Page 45)


A goat-like animal, indigenous to the Voltai Mountains;wild, agile, ill-tempered, with long hair and spiraling horns; source for a form af wool. the meat can be eaten. it's milk can be used for drinking or the making of cheese and butter. Verr must be steamed in the ground wrapped in leaves for the whole day...then it is not bitter or stringy
(Priest-Kings of Gor..Page 63)


A small tawny-colored pidgeon-like bird. can be cooked and eaten. the very small eggs are cooked for the breakfast meal by frying them in a large, flat pan. takes several birds or many eggs to make a meal.
(Nomads of Gor..Page 1)

Yellow Bread

See Sa-Tarna Bread
Can be butter crusted with bosk butter for a particular sheen ond golden richness

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