« Entering on Anango Island »

As with much of Gorean life, entering a Home Stone or other Gorean venue is filled with ritual and repetition.
Each time the girl enters she must perform the same series of steps in order to obtain permission to enter.
Each time she displays her beauty and pleasure of servitude in the way she kneels, begs, walks and then kneels again. There are a few essential elements to entering a Gorean World:

-karta in the entrance.

-describe the position karta.

-beg permission to enter and greet (note: kajira never say “please”).

-once permission is granted (and girl may have to wait sometimes quite awhile if the Masters are busy ...girl waits quietly).

-describe walking across the GZ and lowering to kneel again. Tower for white silks (unless commanded to nadu for her Master), and Nadu for yellow and red.

Then she will greet in the following order: Ubar, Ubara, Members of the High Council, FM, FW and slaves This order is known as the Order of Precedence and it is used in many Gorean rituals..such as offering to serve.

In online Gor each girl will develop her own style….and it is in her best interest to make each entrance appealing and pleasing to the Masters. Copy and paste is not appreciated. In time a girl will learn how to vary her entrances to keep the Masters’ interests.

Leaving Anango Island

Leaving a Home stone, Tavern, or other Gorean venue essentially follows the reverse path of the kajira’s entrance.
Here again there are essential elements to the event, and again the girl will find her own style and enhancements to her departure.
There may be times when a girl needs to leave quickly as the responsibilities of Earth life do not often wait for permission to occur, the girl will type 911.
Leaving a Room without permission is unacceptable thus the girl will be disciplined for such action. The essential elements for departure are:

-beg permission to leave the Island

-once granted....(if no response to begging, girl may have to use 911, or beg three times with no response before she can leave)..

-farewells are offered in the same order as greetings.

-after farewells are spoken, the girl goes directly to the exit (describing how she moves to get there) and leaves...a girl does not linger in the doorway.

Regarding leaving temporarily. Kajira will beg to "be right back" (brb). The girl must wait's for permission to do so

The well-trained kajira greets each person individually. She would not address more than one Master in her greeting at a time.A prized quality of a kajira is her ability to think and use good judgment.

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