« Duties of a Slave »

"'What are my duties?' I asked.
'Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience.'"

The duties of a slave are as many and varied as the imagination and needs of the owner, but they can be simply summed up in one statement, "exquisite beauty and absolute obedience." All considerations fall within this equation as the slave, kajira in particular, is to at all times be pleasing, both in what she does and the manner in which it is done.

Exquisite beauty refers not only to the girls personal appearance, but to her whole state of being. The girl is to be beautiful in every action, movement and form that she undertakes, no matter what the command or purpose. Things as simple as a girl washing laundry, fetching a bucket of water, of just picking up an object off the floor all are done with a level of feminine grace and sexuality that are lost to most women, but the kajira is painstakingly trained to unconsciously and continually achieve. This is not a result simply of training though, for it is something which is natural to her as a woman, brought out through her slavery to men, and then further amplified, exposed and refined through her training. As the girl grows in her collar, it no longer becomes necessary to instruct her on the movements of her own body in a pleasing manner, such becomes natural to her, as if something deep within her and once hidden, has finally awoke.

Absolute obedience in itself should be self explanatory. A slave does as she is told, and if not, is swiftly and appropriately disciplined until her attitude is corrected, and further, similar commands, are performed as expected. A Gorean slave reacts to a command in a way that will cause its completion to occur in the form that her master expects it to be done, and done quickly. In the newer girl, this obedience may come as a reaction to fear, her being afraid of the discipline that will surely occur should she fail or not be found pleasing. But in the girl who is more accustomed to her collar, a need to be found pleasing and desirable to her master and men in general surpasses even fear, producing an obedience born of devotion and love, rather than simply the wish to avoid any correction. Furthermore, her punishment of herself for failure, manifested in her own feelings of guilt and personal displeasure, become in their own way far more effective than even the harshest of lash.

The sum of these things produces a girl that is at all times pleasing to her owner in every way. As property, a possession, this is simply expected and reasonably so, for as a slave, the girl no longer exists for herself, but exists for her owner and is dependent upon him for her very life and sustenance, and often her happiness and emotional well being. If the master is not fully pleased, even by the girl who truly seeks to be pleasing in every way, this may be a matter of taste rather than failure, for not all girls are right for all men, and what one is not satisfied with, another may well find great joy in.

The slave who performs well will often be treated well, as a girl that is found pleasing to her master will be encouraged to continue doing so. A truly beautiful and obedient slave is a prized possession, one which will have both great monetary and personal value to the owner, along with being an investment that took care and time to make into what is now seen to hold such great worth. Such property is not left to wander unguarded or unattended and is often even hidden away by the owner, and so long as "exquisite beauty and absolute obedience" is maintained, the life of the slave in itself might well be seen as not bad at all. And to the girl, such a life may in reality be something she wishes never to change, and something she secretly has always desired, even if unconsciously.

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