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Make a draft outline of your ideas. Simply write down your random thoughts about what you would like to do in the dance (keeping in mind some dances may have specific steps). After you have finished writing down these ideas, arrange them into steps. The sequence should have a logical beginning, middle and end.

Fill in the descriptions of the dance, step by step. A girl should add descriptions of her movements and the mood of the dance. But don't worry, adjectives will be added in the next step.

Fill in the descriptions with many, many adjectives (many) and polish and edit each post. Remember typos and misspellings detract from the overall effect of your dance. You are telling a story, try to make your mental images come across so that those watching can understand and truly see what you are feeling. If you can't fit everything into one post, feel free to split it into two posts, making sure you include transitions so they flow from one to the other. But don't get bogged down with TOO much detail slave girls, remember the idea that the dance should be between 10-14 posts.

The dance should have at least four sections, a beginning, build up, climax and end. The beginning consists of a girl moving to the dance area or preparing to begin. The build up is the progression of events leading to the climax of the dance. In certain dances, this progression may be predefined. Remember that you are telling a story with your moods and movements. The climax is usually a post or two from the end of the dance. It is the moment where a girl realizes she is slave or submits, it depends on which dance a girl is performing. A girl should put a lot of effort into this section of the dance as it is the centerpiece of her performance. Finally, the end post is a clear sign that the dance has come to an end. Some girls like to nadu, some to collapse to the floor at the feet of the man they are serving. It depends on the preferences of the man and the audience for which you are performing.

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