« Chains and Jealousy »

As slave's you have no rights to be protective of. If your Master is pleased by another slave or slave's it can be hard but its not your choice to make. Jealousy is natural, even the slaves in the books showed it.
The Masters did not usually interfer but when they DID... god help the slaves for making a Master bother himself in slave fights.
IF all the slave's focus is on pleasing their Master not placing their own wants and needs before the Masters.
A chain is like a family, you dont always see eye to eye and some feathers will be ruffled but you work it out your chain sisters can be your dearest friend if you allow her to be... instead of making her your rival.
slaves in a chain can work out probs like when you NEED to be with Master and feel you are missing out, if you are close to your chain sister by being able to say your need you can generally work out times with Master without him even knowing it.
It would not be natural to not be jealous at times, t is what you do with that jealousy and how you react that becomes the problem.
If you focus on your jealousy you are taking your focus from your Masters feet upon your own self. One way of curbing jealousy is to focus souly on pleasing your Master.. this should be a slaves focus anyway why waste time being upset about someone else because if you do and you start behaving moody etc you only give your Master cause to be displeased with you and thus the object of your jealousy appears more favourable.
The thing also to remember is Masters take different slave's for differnt reasons, each person gives their own speical thing to the Master, your chain sister can not take that from you as much as you can not take that from her.

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