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The Branding Ceremony is usually performed only when a Free Woman is reduced to slavery for the first time, or if the slave already wears a brand and her new owner wishes to re-brand her.

The Master ties the new slave and carries her to the house branding chamber, securing her in the Branding Rack. The branding rack is a device rather like an X, or X shaped table, with either snap-bracelets (manacles) for her wrists and ankles at the ends of the X, or metal rings metal rings set into the wood so her wrists and ankles might be secured with binding fiber.A removable vise-like clamp with spinning twist handles to adjust the tension can be attached to the left leg platform, to hold the slave's left thigh motionless during the actual branding.

The Following Branding Ceremony is based on a branding performed by Tarl Cabot in the 10th Book of the Gor Series : Tribesmen of Gor

He holds up the heated branding iron, white hot, for the slave's inspection.
"You will soon be branded, girl" He tells her.
As soon as all is in readyness, he holds the smoking iron above her left thigh and says:
"You are now to be branded, slave girl"
He then brands her, holding the iron and pressing it firmly into her skin for five full Ihn (seconds), then swiftly and cleanly removes it. He examines the mark closely, hoping that it was clean and deep enough to create an excellent brand. It is common Gorean practice to allow the slave the luxury of screaming, since it is in effect her final act as a free person.
Sometimes assistants are standing by with small vials of oil and salve, which they now dab onto the brand to reduce chance of infection and promote healing.

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