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Try and visualize what you are doing, the situation you are in. perhaps close your eyes, or practice in your living room to better picture yourself. focus on your five senses. if you can visualize it, you can describe it.

Take a finger walk through a dictionary or thesaurus. scribble down interesting words, or use poetic phrases.

Observe other kajira, incorporate words or phrases you find appealing. don't be afraid to ask questions; you can learn allot from other kajirae. a kajira will find it flattering to help you learn.

Remember your 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.

1. Eyes
They are the looking glass into the depth of your soul, so given them attention...
The color: and don't just say blue. pull out your thesaurus and say sapphire, or cerulean, indigo. perhaps your eyes are raven's black, doeskin brown, jade green, aquamarine, etc.
The look in them: sparkling, alive, deep, bright, shining, sharp, soft, beautiful, wandering, expressive, glistening, innocent, shimmering, dancing, surprised, sad, angry, furious, flashing, sharp...

2. Mounth

Give your lips shape and character... shape rosebud, swollen, pursed, parted, pouty, thin, full
The action: sweet, kissable, inviting, delicious, succulent, moist, luscious, moist, swollen, etc

3. Hair

A girl takes pride in dressing her hair, so why not dress the tresses with words...
The color: midnight black, copper, firey red, shimmering blonde, auburn brunette, mahagony, etc
The look and feel of it: lustrous, long, soft, short, shining, curling, wild, straight, silky, tousled, mussed, ringlets, cascading curls, tumbling silk, unruly, wavy or demi's fave : hair swirling around her body like a molten bronze cape, etc

4. Skin

Texture: soft, smooth, tan, pale, naked, touchable, radiant, flawless, satiny, silky, flushed, moist, hot, cool, warm ...
Colour: pale, pink, ivory, chocolate, honeybrown,etc

5. Body Words

Always, ALWAYS describe the shape, size, form, movements of your body!
Voluptuous, shapely, soft, naked, curvaceous, sculpted, rounded, regal, slender, petite, exquisite, rounded, angled, sumptuous, ripe, lush, tall, proud, firm, vivacious, etc

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