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What is Gor?
Gor is based upon a series of novels written by John Norman. The novels chronicle the adventures of Tarl Cabot in Counter-Earth (Gor).

Gor is very different from the Earth we all know, yet in many cases there are striking similarities. Above all it must be known that Gor is a man's world where Duty, Honor, and Respect are prized more dearly than life itself. The role of women is well defined and subordinate to the male role.

Slavery is a fact of life on Gor, yet most slaves of Gor are quite content with their lot and station in life. In many cases the Kajirae (female slaves) are quite proud of their status, even going so far as to mock the Free Women of Gor. (Always behind their backs, and not within earshot of a Free Man or Free Woman, as the penalties would be quite severe.)

What Gor is not:

A BDSM lifestyle- if this is what you are looking for then there are alternatives other than Gor for you to explore.

Just sex and slavery- the Master/Slave relationship has many nuances and can be quite complex. Travellers coming to Gor for the primary purpose of engaing in cybersex do not generally make good Goreans.

A place that feminists will like- if the sensibilities of Gor offend you, there are other alternatives.

A place for children- Gor is adult in nature and minors are prohibited in almost every Gorean chat platform.

Anangor - We Live by World of Gor Laws and Rules