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The Lessons on the Random

by amit.
disclaimer: everything included in the pages that follow this one contain stupid humor that you probably will not find funny unless... you like stupid humor. everything included is probably appropriate enough to let your parents read, but i don't suggest it. parents aren't the target audience, nor will they find this funny. i'm surprised i even find some of this stuff funny. actually, i'm writing this disclaimer without having anything written for the page yet. except a few, which are really old and stuff.

everything you may read is the cause of sheer boredom, as well as taking a stand against all the small things that annoy the crap out of me. (parents: ignore the c word. i'm a good boy)

i hope you enjoy this pleasant waste of your time, and mine, but you may just learn something.

- are you ready to embark on this quest? -
Yes, I can do it!
i'm confused..
No, I'm scared!