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The Lessons on the Random

by amit.

the lessons   you guide to proper IM etiquette
- the rules of laughter.
- the rules of conversation
- the rules of correction
- the rules of dots
- the rules of words for the belated responser
- the rules of warning

wow.. this is the first one i'm writing in a long time.. i'm slowly running out of ideas, and at the same time, running out of talent in writing rules for my profile, if that's what you want to call it. i can't guarantee this lesson is going to be the best. but people are eagerly waiting for a new lesson. no one has told me that, but i know it's true. i'm sure it's true.

so.. i think instead of talking today, i'm gonna have a huge conversation thing. here it goes:

(pillsburyboy signs on. it's a rainy saturday night. the weather channel claims a hurricane with the name of pocahontas is approaching. no one listens. the last three times they said that, it turned out to be nothing but a snowstrom. and the fact that it's florida bothers most people too.. but then again, it's just the weather channel. so.. its about saturday, 8:00 PM. pillsburyboy, also known as humphrey, called h-dude by his friends, is ready to IM his buddy)

pillsburyboy:hey buddy
tonytiger:hey h-dude
p:what's shakin?
t:i just lost my teddy bear
p:oh.. you mean scruffy?
t:ya dude.. he was so cool.. he was my best friend
p:kind of ugly if you ask me..he had one eye man
t:the other one fell off! and i put it back on him too
p:ya, but you put it on his belly button
t:i was creative
p:whatever dude
t:but ya.. i think i left him in california
p:when did you go to california?
t:last week..
(the power suddenly goes out!!! all the lights in h-dude's house vanish. tony, who
lives 30 miles away from h-dude, is online wondering why he signed off.. he jumps to a conclusion. 'he hates me!')
(h-dude signs back on)
p:sorry man
t:you stupid idiot! i hate you!
t:you hate me! yu signed off without telling me! NOOO
t:i thought you were my best friend
(tony warns h-dude to 10%. oh no. h-dude decides it's time for revenge)
p:oh.. oh.. oh man./. you little .. now you've done it.
(they warn each other over and over again until they reach 30%..)
p and t at the same time: no, it won't let me warn anymore!
(the rain suddenly stops)
p:i forgive you
t:i don't.. shut up
p:man, amit's stupid.. this is the worst profile he's made ever.
t:ya.. it sucks.. wnana warn him?
p:yes dude.. think i'm stupid or something?
p:cool man
p:i'm not tony
t:oh ya haha
t:whavter dude

You have been warned by Pillsburyboy to 5%

You have been warned by Pillsburyboy to 10%

You have been warned by TonyTiger to like 17% or something

You hvae been warned so much that the police is coming after you. Didn't you know that if you get warned, you lose your account and that the FBI think you're a bad guy and yu're going to jail? yes! that's the truth! the truth!

actually when you get warned nothing happs except you hafta wait longer between each IM.. and if you signoff.. good luck signing on again.. wait a day, and then you'll be able to. gosh my fingers hurt.

i'm so tired.
this is so stupid. i really don't even know what i wrote. well, the stroy endined with a happy ending

(its a sunday morning.. h-dude wakes up and says

oh my gosh! i had a terrible dream!
tony, who had spent the night, asks.. what???

i had a dream that


i broke my leg!

oh.. any good dreams? asked tony

well, i warned you to like amillion. then we warenind amit



good night