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The Lessons on the Random

by amit.

the lessons   you guide to proper IM etiquette
- the rules of laughter.
- the rules of conversation
- the rules of correction
- the rules of dots
- the rules of words for the belated responser
- the rules of warning
one day, i was talking to some people using aol instant messenger. i was having nice pleasant conversations, until... all of a sudden, someone IMs me, and begins talking to me. of course, i got excited. "yes, i'm popular!".. so, like any nice guy would do, i started talking back. you know.. the usual 'what's up' routine. when the basis of the covnersation is over, i start doing something else. about 10 minutes later, i see the little thing in my taskbar flashing like mad. what's that mean? it means he IMed me again. so i look.. and all i say is the letter 'g' repeated like 40 times. i didn't count, but it looked like it was 40. and for some reason, that pissed me off so much that i decided to sacrifice my precious free time to make you this little 'how-to' on the art of IMing. and yes, it is an art that takes many eons to master. the only guy who has ever done it would be rip van winkle, only because he slept for 20 years. and when he was sleeping, he dreamt of butterflies, raspberries, unicorns, and of course: his trusty little laptop. he imagined himself talking to various people via internet so much that it seemed like he had done it for about 1000 years, when in reality, the computer dream actually only last 5 minutes out of every single minute of his 20 years. i have an urge to find out how many minutes are in 20 years. --- caluclating --- 10519200 minutes in 20 years. i'm probably wrong. but 5 minutes out of all those is nothing. i guess dreams have a tendency to warp things to make them seem longer. actualy, now that i think about it.. it's happened to me a few times. there was this one dream i had where i was on this hover board thingy and i was cruising over the mountains... ah, screw it. you don't care.

anyways, enjoy the lessons about rip van winkle. maybe you'll learn something.