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IAMP = gone
Well fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, it is gone due to issues with killing the browser, which then became, locking up the computer. So now its gone until some other time, maybe. But ill put it back on soon as I find a way to make it work w/o problems or having to press "Stop" button to make it work... Also ive been sick with bronchitus and other illness's which has hampered my time to work on the explorer.

-WrathChyld 6:20 P.M. PT 5-04-02

addition finished + cars

Here are 3 cars which have been converted from Motorcity Online to Carmageddon 3. Their names are EightBall, PontiacFirebirdFlamer, and Ranchero (named in the order found above). They are fairly fast, the EightBall has the worst handling of the 3, but the fastest acceleration i think. Ranchero seems to be silent at times for me, and the Firebird is a nice ride to boot. i hope you enjoy them (they will be in the files section)

-WrathChyld 6:20 P.M. PT 5-04-02

addition made
ok well as you will notice soon as you move your mouse :) i hope you like it but if you dont well, i guess thats too bad unless i can figure out how to make a poll and vote to see if it stays, well have fun with it. I better work on my homework and my explorer...
[UPDATE]: also implementing a sound application aswell, but if i were you i wouldnt try it, all its done for me so far is crash the browser, help is needed and i would greatly appreciate it.

-WrathChyld 2:40 P.M. PT 4-17-02

I feel so alive! (pun)
no i didnt die, im still here, been around doin other things. such as reformatting and losing most of my crap cause my cds decided to be gay and not work. which means i lost what work i have of an 57 imperial... so now im gonna do a 93 ford explorer, heres an idea of what it should look like...

-WrathChyld 6:40 P.M. PT 3-31-02

Bout time!
well that banner on the top finally went away. go figure huh? well now im making a 57 Imperial. im not sure what color to make it, but im thinking along the lines of orange, or competition orange, something along the lines of this

well, i guess thats all for now.

-WrathChyld 7:50 A.M. PT 1-22-02