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Over the years, some famous names in the comics field have had letters published in The Spirit.


"As for old Spirit stories, Well, they're quaint I guess" writes Cerebus creator Dave Sim in the pages of Kitchen Sink's The Spirit Magazine #39. At the time there was a debate as to whether the magazine should publish more new Eisner non-Spirit material.


Jerry Ordway wrote in to Ask Will Eisner in Kitchen Sink's The Spirit Magazine #36 if in the course of Eisner's career he ever relied on "... photographic reference in composing your work?" - the reply was that he did use them as 'a source of technical information only'.


"The reprinted adventures of Denny Colt instruct and entertain, as always..." wrote Frank Miller in the pages of Kitchen Sink's The Spirit Magazine #31.


In Kitchen Sink's The Spirit Magazine #24, Fred Hembeck stated: "Will Eisner's work, particularly on The Spirit, is the most thoroughly satisfying blend of words and pictures that I've ever seen"


And way back in Warren's The Spirit Magazine #6, Mike W. Barr wrote: "... having The Spirit back in a magazine of his own is literally a dream come true"


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