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My Art Pictures

Country Music

My Favourite Place to Hang Out

My name is Wendee. Welcome to my homepage. Let me tell you abit about myself. I am 49 years old, I live on the Central Coast Of NSW (Australia). I live with my partner Bernie, whom is pictured with me (above). I have three beautiful children, who have thankfully left the nest *Laughs* I also have one gorgeous 7 year old granddaughter.

I am currently studying Fine Arts at University. I started painting 3 years ago when my last child left home. I love to paint in oils and draw in pastels. I am also self taught!! I like to go to WetCanvas so I can chat with fellow artist folk and we can perhaps subject our works for criticism.

I also have another passion. Music. Especially country music. That is a picture of me doing a 'dj-ing' stint at the Country Music Festival in Tamworth. Which is Australia's biggest country music festival. That is my pictured also with 'The Wolverines'(Hint I'm the one in the pink, not the one with the beard *winks*)also taken at the festival.

Now that you know abit more about me, don't be shy drop me a line!