Vickie Tern's Wives And Their Girlfriends..

This page is for all those wives and girlfriends who
wish to spice up thier relationship a little.
Contained within these pages are stories about partners
who have taken Vickie's advice.

Are they any happier for it? Read and find out..


Birthday Present by Vickie Tern And Rhonda Wagram

In 1996 Vickie And Rhonda wrote a novel and had it published in book form only by Mags Inc. Now freely available on the internet for the first time

UPDATED 08/24/2000 NEW Vickie Tern Story, Sucker


These stories depict sexual activity of various sorts among consenting
if sometimes also credulous and deceived adults. If you are not a
consenting adult don't read it, no matter how credulous or deceived.
It's not for you. Not yet.

Sucker 08/24/200 NEW Vickie Tern's latest story hot off the press.
Cute Another one of Vickie's 'cute' stories ;)
A Place of her own Andy's wife thinks her crossdressing husband would he happier living in an apartment where everyone thinks he's Amy. He's delighted, not knowing she has her own reasons for wanting him to become Amy full time.
Phone Calls A husband is tricked into crossdressing to keep his affair with another woman secret.