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Sala V 


Mr. Vargas has reproduced a number of classic art masterpieces including paintings by Monet, Bronzino, Spitzweg, and Albrecht Dürer.  Some examples of his finest work are highly detailed reproductions from the Renaissance period.  Mr. Vargas is also able to reproduce your favorite classic painting in a desired size different than from the original.

Self Portrait by Albrecht Dürer in 1500

88 x 129.5cm, 34.5" x 51"   oil on panel

$14,000. framed


original by Antonello da Mesina in 1475

1992  sold

The Madonna of the Great Duke

original by Raffaello da Urbino in 1504

1992  sold

View of Argenteuil

original by Eduoard Monet in 1862

2000   sold

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