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Two Sheds

Celebrating the release of our CD:
"This Is All You Get..."

Sample 3 of the songs here:

Joe Funk - Guitar, Keys, Ashtray, Evangelism
Jason Doggett - Chapman Stick, Keys, Cloth Box, Pellaponesian Kazoo
Charlie Fountain - Percussion, Herbal Broth, Whimpering

You can order this CD by sending
check or money order for $15 (includes shipping) to:

Joe Funk
4102 Stonecroft Drive
Austin, Texas 78749

Or you can contact me at:

...What the critics say:

"They are all three gifted musicians, and their talent is very much
showcased on this disc. The songs are all really good. Especially the
6th cut called "6 Figures". Friends, this is original progressive
music at its finest and I can't recommend this cd strongly enough.
Great production values, a great mix, great tunes and Texas boys.
What more couldja ask for?" - David Rogers

"I am very intrigued by these pieces you have recorded
......the solid structures are indeed very good my compliments to you
and your band mates..." - Bob Woolsey

"Two Sheds is not just a band.. It is a Symphony of Emotion" - Shaquille O'Neal

"I've seen some bands in my time... And they're one of them" - William Shatner

"Amazing! I laughed till I stopped!!!" - George "Dubya" Bush

"Their version of my Symphony ROCKS!" - Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson

"A Mantlepiece!!" - A. Hitler

"Two Sheds' Music is Better than it Sounds" - Oprah Winfrey

Me & Peter Gabriel
Jamming in 1973

Gentle Giant Performing
at a Two Sheds Tribute Concert

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