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Do you want to learn how to do Masks in PSP? Here is an easy one yet very elegant Framed Mask. Just click on our portrait to receive the parts needed. The parts include the mask, a pearl tube and a background for filling. Once you have them open, put the pearl in your tubes folder if you have PSP 6, if not, open the pearl saved as a PSP image, then save to your tubes. Open your background in your PSP program. You will also need a graphic image. We graciously received this graphic from Jonathan Earl Bowser, thanks Jonathon. To get your own painting by Jonathon, below is his banner, click on this and you will be brought to his site. You can either select one of his paintings, but do follow his Copyright rules if you place your painting on the internet, or select one you have. This tutorial, as all our tutorials placed on the net by The Tilly Garden, are done in PSP 6.

Lets begin!

Open a new image, transparent background, 16.7 mill col. 410x463 pixies.

Open your painting that your using for this tutorial. Go to your painting, edit copy it, then edit paste it as a new layer onto your working image. You may resize it if you feel its too big at this point. Go to your image, resize button. Go to percentage of original, making certain maintain ratio is selected, and resize all is NOT, enter a value at percentage of original. We suggest trying 80%. You do not want it too small, and you can move, or change the size after your mask is placed.

Now, create a new layer. Go to layers, new rastor layer. Unless, we mention a tool, or a specific location, look at the top of your programs in the options bar. Go to your TOOL bar, and select flood fill. Change the settings to the following:

Then flood fill.

Now go to masks, go to load from disk. Find lacyframe.msk. Open. You should now have your painting appearing through a scalloped and faded rectangle. Go to masks again. Go to delete and click yes when prompted.

Go to image, effects, drop shadow. Apply a drop shadow with the following settings:

Apply, then apply another drop shadow, except reverse the vertical and horizontal to 1, and 2 consecutively.

Go to image sharpen. Now merge visable. Crop evenly around your mask. Crop leaving about a half inch space all the way around your scalloped floral mask.

Go to layers, add a new rastor layer. Go to your tubes tool and find pearl-tt. In the corners of your mask, there are round flowers. Place the pearl evenly spaced over this flower. Now apply one to each corner. Add a new rastor layer, with your tubes tool still open, resize to 80. Apply a pearl as following: This is a demo. Follow the arrows.

Once your pearls are in place, its time to finish the mask. Merge all visable. Go to select, select all. Add a new rastor layer. Go to image, effects, cutout. Change the shadow color to #4D8786. Using the following settings, apply the cutout.

Then add another new layer. Apply a second cutout, changing the horizontal and vertical to +6.

Merge all visable. Now we need to intensify the colouring. Go to colors, adjust, brightness, contrast. Change the settings to brightness, -7 and contrast 15.

Change your background color to #AD9742. Now go to borders, we are about to frame our image. Add a symmetric border of 3. Go to your TOOLS, and select your magic wand. With tolerance and feather at 0. Click on your gold border. Go to your flood fill tool, change settings to pattern. Open your gold pattern, and flood fill. With your eye dropper, pick a nice dark green from your masked background. Reverse your background and foreground, making the foreground gold and the background green. Add a second background of 10 pixels, symmetric. Select this with your magic wand. Go to Selections, invert, then add this drop shadow:

Again, change the vertical and horizontal to -2 and apply. Reverse the forgeground and background colors again making the background gold. Add one more border this time, symmetric 5. Flood fill the same as the border of 3 pixels. Add the same drop shadow above. Your done!

All materials and graphics are watermarked and copyrighted.

Copyrighted 2001 by The Tilly Garden