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Tarot Art Kardz

Designed by RA Barrington

Paintings by LuLu

Interpretations by Cavegirl

All images on this website are copyright 1999, 2000 by RA Barrington. They may not be used in any manner without written permission by RA Barrington.

Kard XXI The World

The World, kard XXI, is ruled by Saturn. This is the last kard of the major arcana. It is also considered one of the best kards in the deck. It is the kard of balance. The four figures represent the four elements, the four fixed signs, and the four evangelists-Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.The center figure is neither a man or a woman but rather a person who has become ONE. You will triumph in all dealings and undertakings. Your labors will be rewarded financially and promoted in your job. Well done. Reversed: Success not achieved. Lacking in vision and purpose. Continue to work toward your goal.


We hope you have enjoyed the New Tarot Kards by the GAZ Group. The second group will include the lesser arcana kards.

Peace be with you and yours.