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Tarot Art Kardz

Designed by RA Barrington

Paintings by LuLu

Interpretations by Cavegirl

All images on this website are copyright 1999, 2000 by RA Barrington. They may not be used in any manner without written permission by RA Barrington.

KardXVIII The Moon

The Moon, kard XVIII, is ruled by Pisces. Here the wolf wants you to take the wild side, while the dog says to tame yourself. Neither is the road of wisdom. The center road to the moon is the correct path, on of balance. Be careful. What seems obvious may not be the right choice. You are traveling the rocky road of life, but things will get better. Reversed: Watch for enemies trying to make you take the wrong direction in life. Lies. Lots of risks.

Kard XIX The Sun

The Sun, kard XIX is ruled by the Sun. Here a naked child shows that there is nothing to hide. He carries a banner cheering your good luck. You will have success. Joy. This is a wonderful kard for happy love affairs. You will enjoy good health. Glory in your achievements.The baby here can also represent a new baby in your family. This is the card of summer. Reversed: Still all of the pleasantries above just not as intensely.

Kard XX Judgement

Judgement, kard XX, is ruled by Pluto. Here archangel Michael sounds his trumpet for the dead to rise and be judged. This is the kard of rebirth and death. New potentials will arise. Important new projects will come your way. Don't ignore any opportunties. They are opportunities that will afffect the rest of your life. This card makes everything in a reading happen sooner. Reversed:Fear of death and illness. A lost opportunity. NextPage