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Tarot Art Kardz

Designed by RA Barrington

Paintings by LuLu

Interpretations by Cavegirl

All images on this website are copyright 1999, 2000 by RA Barrington. They may not be used in any manner without written permission by RA Barrington.

Kard XII The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man, kard XII, is ruled by Neptune. As you can see from the face of the hanged man he is not unhappy, he has a grimace. That is because this is the card that signifies that things may not be what they seem. Look behind the big picture. Pause for a moment and really see the situation. If things in your life are rapidly changing go with it but access it to. Don't be blind. Occasionally this kard signals oncoming illness. Take your vitamins. Reversed:Don't use emotional manipulation. Your selfishness is harming you more than others. Give to them and you will be giving to yourself. Drop the martyr act. It gets you nothing.

Kard XIII Death

Death, kard XIII is ruled by Scorpio. This kard does not signify physical death. It means that you are changing, transforming, becoming something more than you once were. This is a blessing. It may be difficccult as first to see the favorable aspect of the situation but, don't worry, soon all will be revealed. Reversed: Loss of a friendship. Forced change you were unwilling to make. Strife before recovery. Loss of personal belongings.

Kard XIV Temperance

Temperance, kard XIV, ruled by Sagittarius. Here a winged woman pours liquid from one vessel to another. This represents moving from the conscious to the unconscious mind. Opening up and revealing, becoming aware, moving out of darkness.This is the card showing all of the elements. The woman can fly (Air), she is standing on the ground (Earth, the liquid (Water) and her halo if made of Fire.This kard means something is about to be revealed. Wishes may come true. It means confusion will end and solutions will become clear. Reversed:Everything is confusing, muddled. Quarrels erupt.Trouble in a marriage. NextPage