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Tarot Art Kardz

Designed by RA Barrington

Paintings by LuLu

Interpretations by Cavegirl

All images on this website are copyright 1999, 2000 by RA Barrington. They made not be used in any manner without written permission by RA Barrington.

Unnumbered Kard The Fool

The Fool, the unnumbered kard, represents a person foolish enough to believe anything is possible. It is the kard of the dreamer, of Jackie Gleason playing Ralph Kramden on "The Honeymooners." He always has a new idea, something to make his life better and he takes a chance to make it come true. If this kard is revealed in a reading it should be read as a green light to go ahead and try to make your dreams come true. You are standing on fertile soil. Go for it! It is also a time when unconventional people could enter your life. Reversed: Maybe it's not such a good idea to take a leap. Folly. Sometimes madness.

Kard 1 The Magician

The Magician, kard I, shows the need for a person to be the center of attention. Look at me! The Magician of old was a traveler, prankster, snake oils salesman, possibly a pickpocket. Watch for this person! He is a charmer. Could "sell ice to an Eskimo" as the old saying goes. This person is very confident in his ability to make you believe in his charms. This is the kard of creative vision, individuality with a dark edge. It can show the beginings of a new creative endeavor. A new begining in general. Confidence. Willpower and initiative. Reversed: Deception. Tricks. Watch dealings in business and in personal relationships. Watch who you are willing to trust.

Kard II The High Priestess

The High Priestess, kard II, is the wise woman dressed in blue robes. She wears a crown of achievement. The pillars between which she stands represents severity and mercy. The High Priestess tries to take the higher ground. She reads the scroll, the words of the ancients, to become wise about decisions made today. She is a symbol of virginity, untainted by the world around her. Watch for a secret to be revealed. This kard can represent a man's spouse or the influence of many women. Memory and intuition is represented. The person may have psychic ability. Tells you to rely on your instincts. You know the truth. Reversed: Do not gossip, spread rumors. Delay plans because there may be hidden enemies or obstacles. NextPage